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Forge Diversity 2014 (Formerly Known as MSO)

Forge Diversity is designed to create fellowship among students of different backgrounds and to ease their transition to the University of Central Oklahoma. This time will be used to foster skills and strategies for being successful at UCO and prepare students for a more rewarding experience.

We need YOU to serve as a member of the Forge Diversity Leadership Team. It will be your job to design an experience that speaks to the unique needs of students from diverse populations such as African American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, LGBT and Bi-racial. You will work to ensure that Forge Diversity provides them with the connections and tools they need to be successful.

Multicultural Student Orientation is looking to fulfill the following positions:

Volunteer Chair - this person is in charge or recruiting students to be directly involved with Forge Diversity activities. Volunteers will help with recruiting, fundraising, and other activities as needed. These students will also work at team leaders on the day of orientation

Participation Chair - This position is responsible for marketing Forge Diversity to incoming freshman and encouraging participation in the program. The Participation Chair is given the right to their creativity to market Forge Diversity.

Fundraising/sponsorship Chair- The Fundraising/Sponsorship Chair will be responsible to soliciting donations and prizes from local businesses to be used during Forge Diversity.

Workshop Chair - The Workshop Chair is responsible for planning the workshops that take place at Forge Diversity that will address the unique needs of underrepresented incoming freshman and provide them with the skills and tools needed to be successful at UCO.

Applications are due Friday, March 14th.
All applicants will have a short interview on the week of March 24th - 28th before being selected


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