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Organization Overview

The Global Issues Forum (GIF) is a student organization founded on passion and excitement about global issues and authoring events of importance for Furman University and its surrounding community. The GIF focuses on problems and challenges of our globalized world in order to stimulate constructive campus discussions on such issues. The largest objective for the coming years is to focus on one theme, that is, one fundamental, important global problem or challenge per semester. Each semester the given theme will feature a keynote address by a distinguished expert on the issue and this highlight will be surrounded by additional programming intended to engage the campus community as well as the larger Greenville community in very concrete ways.

Category Special Interest
Keywords Global Issues Forum, GIF, Year of Global Citizenship, globalization, world issues, globe, global public health
Meeting Location

Furman Hall

President Name

Rhodes Hambrick

President's E-mail
Advisor Name

Kailash Khandke

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Upcoming Events

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