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Bobwhite Quail Webinar

Tuesday, Dec 12, 1 pm
ABNR 210

We will be joining a live webinar to learn about oak woodland management for bobwhite quail habitat. 

Webinar Abstract: Millions of acres of potential northern bobwhite habitat exist within the oak forest region of the eastern United States. Currently, little of this area supports bobwhite due to the extensive closed canopy conditions and limited shrub and herbaceous understory. Prescribed fire is often recommended within oak forests to increase habitat for bobwhite and other...

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First Meeting!

Wednesday, Aug 30, 6 pm
210 ABNR

First meeting of the Fall Semester! Come learn about our plans for the fall, as well as the NWCG trainings to get your firefighting certificate!

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Fire Factor - SAFE Participation

Wednesday, Sep 19, 10:30 am
Lowry Mall

We'll be participating in the Fire Factor program on Lowry Mall. Come out and help table with us. We'll have a drip torch, some fire shelters, and other bits of PPE...and Smokey!

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Carter O Kinkead updated the event S130/190 Training

SAFE Meeting

Thursday, May 10, 5 pm
ABNR 210

Last meeting of the semester


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End of Semester Potluck / BBQ

Sunday, Apr 22, All Day
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Daniel S Godwin updated the event General Meeting

General Meeting

Thursday, Mar 8, 5 pm
ABNR 210
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