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"There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer." -Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle



    Volunteer USI is a university-wide volunteer program that seeks volunteers who want to
    give of their time and talent to benefit the University of Southern Indiana and our community.
    Any individual or group who enjoys volunteerism is welcome to join. Our program consists
    of students, Alumni, faculty, staff, youth groups, retirees, community leaders, and more.
    We offer a wide variety of opportunities that are both on and off campus and at a various times.



    Volunteer USI operates as an email group. When community organizations, USI departments,
    or other programs need volunteers they submit a request form through the Volunteer USI
    website, The request is processed and then an email is sent out to
    all Volunteer USI members with all the needed information for how to get involved.
    As a Volunteer USI member you simply choose which volunteer opportunity you would like to
    assist with and upon completion you send in your hours to We track your
    hours for you which can be utilized for a resume as well as going toward being recognized at
    the Volunteer Recognition Dinner which occurs in the fall.

If you enjoy giving back and making a difference, then Volunteer USI is the organization for you!


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Volunteer USI is a group of people who want to share their time and assist an elementary student, work on a special project or community event, or support one of the University's outreach activities such as tourism, theatre, or business and community development programs. Volunteer opportunities are endless.



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