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Jonathan DelaVega
Aug 16, 2015


Aug 16, 2015 by Jonathan DelaVega

I apologize for not posting when I originally intended, but there are a few things I'd like to address.

Following the end of the school year (2014-2015), many things got shifted around. Yasmin and I got married, the house went up on the market, most of my studio was broken down and packed away into boxes. These things included post of my filmmaking equipment -- lights, tripod, editing rigs, etc. -- so, this means I don't have access to a lot of additional equipment right now, including my camera. (More on that another time).

In addition, however, there's also another pressing matter that needs to be addressed. A lot of dedicated members from the last year have either graduated, transferred, or are not returning this year. This includes Mark Gedritis, Marshall Easley, Kyleigh Jacobs, and Paul Chittenden. This basically means we no longer have a Vice-President and a Treasurer this semester. These roles need to be filled in.

I am hoping we can have elections during the first two meetings, or at least during the first two weeks of school, so this mess can be sorted out, but the biggest thing is that we need to focus on two things this semester: Membership and Fund Raising.

I have a decent approach to how we're going to tackle the first one, but I really don't have any idea of how we can fundraise without resulting in a potential sinkhole. We may be getting a higher budget this year ($1000 max, $500 seperated for each semester), but that might not be enough. Despite our DIY philosophy on filmmaking, we here at GRCC Filmmakers know that even certain types of equipment are very expensive. I really need a Treasurer to help hammer out the numbers and assess costs, and a Vice-President to back me up if I can't be there.

I have made sure that my schedule will allow me to attend the mandatory Student Alliance meetings (which is essential to keeping our funding), but right now, the administrative aspect of the club has only been lined up with just me in a leading position, and basically, what I'm saying is...I need your help this semester. If you have any questions or concerns, please either message me via Facebook or email the GRCC Filmmakers inbox at and I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you.