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Mere Christianity Forum’s mission is to promote the thoughtful exploration of Christian faith through conversation and community.

The Mere Christianity Forum is a unique college ministry located at the crossroads of faith and reason. We operate in two primary forms: as an intentional Christian community, located in our community home called Vista House, and as a religious organization on Furman University's campus. By integrating faith, reason, and tomfoolery, we seek to live a Christian life through the spiritual practices of asking questions, extending hospitality, and embracing tomfoolery.

On campus, we gather every other Wednesday night for the Forum– a conversation with Furman faculty and community leaders on issues of faith, philosophy, politics, and the intersections of faith and culture. We also offer weekly small groups (Followship groups) and occasional CLPs to expose students to the depth and breadth of the Christian faith. We try not to take ourselves to seriously in the process. The Forum's motto is "Faith. Reason. Tomfoolery," and we're pretty fond of how those three play out. 

Our off-campus efforts take shape in the Vista House, a hospitality house and intentional Christian community where Furman students live in community together, opening their doors to you and all guests with a guest room (and many couches) and weekly fellowship meals open to all. We also host Evening With dinners every other Wednesday, where we invite Furman faculty and staff to join students in a “third space” around the table together. Vista House is the lived practice of the theology expressed at the Forum, a practice whose character is summarized in its motto of "Hospitality. Community. The Arts." With eight acres of land, a cozy library for studying, and a communal kitchen open to the avid and novice cook alike, we think we've got something to offer everyone.

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Mere Christianity Forum, Inc. runs both the Forum and Vista House. The Forum is a series of lectures and discussions on theology, philosophy, and culture led by our Executive Director, Assistant Director, faculty members of Furman University, and noted thinkers and professors from around the nation. Vista House is an off-campus hospitality house and intentional Christian community situated one mile from Furman.
Mere Christianity Forum creates space for students and faculty to explore the depth and breadth of Christian faith through conversation and community and to challenge them to:

*Integrate their Christian faith into all aspects of their lives in the midst of a secular university
*Navigate and engage a post-modern culture with the grace of Jesus Christ
*Experience the richness of authentic Christian community.
*Pepper the conversations and community in development of faith and reason with a spirit of tomfoolery-- healthy doses, of course!


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