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AMWA Bagel Break

Thursday, Mar 12, 11 am
Science Building Room 108

Come join AMWA for our second Bagel Break of the semester!! Bagel Breaks are opportunities for students who identify as women and allies to share their experiences as medical students and strengthen our community! All are welcome, bagels will abound.

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AMWA Coffee Chat #1

Wednesday, Jan 31, 11 am
Coles 301

AMWA's first coffee chat of the new semester! Come talk and recharge with bagels and coffee.

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AMWA Coffee Chat #4

Friday, Dec 15, 11 am
Coles 302

Join AMWA for our fourth coffee chat of the semester on December 15 from 11am-12pm in Coles 302! Everyone is welcome!

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Minimizing Work-Life Conflict Panel

Thursday, Nov 30, 5 pm
Alumni Hall A

AMWA is excited to invite you all to a panel on work-life balance for woman physicians featuring NYU attending physician and fellows! This will be a great opportunity for medical students to hear from practicing physicians about their own experiences with family matters. When did they begin their families? What was it like to come back to work after leave? How difficult was working while pregnant? After hearing from our panelists, we will open the forum for questions.

We will be in...

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Coffee Chat Pt III!

Thursday, Nov 9, 12 pm
Coles 301

Coffee? Feminism? Bagels? Stimulating conversation? Sounds great! 

Join AMWA for its third (and penultimate!) coffee chat of the semester on November 9, 2017 at 12PM in Coles 301!

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A Novel Approach to Gender Equity

Thursday, Nov 2, 5:15 pm
Alumni Hall A

~An AMWA and EMIG joint extravaganza~

Join Dr. Dara Kass (of Fem in EM fame!) for an interactive discussion about gender equity in healthcare, the medical profession, and the world at large. Dr. Kass will be talking about actionable ways for women to become champions of equity and to set themselves up for equitable circumstances. Just as importantly, she'll address how non-female-identifying allies can help.

There will be a short presentation and a lively Q&A session....

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AMWA Coffee Chat – Round 2!

Monday, Oct 16, 5 pm
Coles 301

Join AMWA for the second installment of our ~world famous~ monthly coffee chats. For one glorious hour(ish), we'll be breaking down the Big Issues in gender, medicine, and everything in between.

Come with an appetite, a desire for caffeination, and a readiness to engage in some thought-provoking dialogue!

~See you in Coles~

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Women in Medicine Coffee Chat!

Monday, Sep 18, 3:15 pm
Coles 201

Come join AMWA for our first coffee chat of the year! Every month we discuss women's issues and topics in medicine over coffee and bagels in a friendly and welcoming environment. We'll be in Coles 201 on Monday, September 18 at 3:15pm. Everyone is welcome, and we hope to see you there!

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Last AMWA Coffee Chat of the Year!

Friday, May 26, 12 pm
Coles 301

Join AMWA for our final coffee talk session of the year! We'll be in Coles 301 from 12-1pm with free coffee and bagels. Everyone is welcome!

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AMWA Coffee Hour!

Monday, May 1, 11 am
Coles 301

Join AMWA for coffee and bagels as we discuss women's topics in medicine! We'll be in Coles 301 from 11am-12pm. Everyone is welcome!

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AMWA Coffee Chat

Thursday, Mar 23, 11 am
Coles 302

AMWA will be having our second monthly coffee chat on Thursday, March 23! Join us for a lively and informal conversation about our thoughts and experiences of being a woman in medicine -- plus, we'll provide bagels and coffee! Everyone is welcome, and feel free to bring a friend!

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Women in Medical School Coffee Chat

Tuesday, Feb 21, 11 am
Coles 205

Join us on Tuesday, February 21 for the first monthly AMWA coffee chat! We will be sharing our experiences, successes, and concerns about being a woman in medicine, and engaging in an open discussion format about how we can best support one another. Plus, there will be coffee and food!

If you like, check out this article: It presents a "taxonomy" of gender-related experiences that you may find helpful in framing your own thoughts and...

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Women in Surgery

Monday, Oct 24, 6 pm
Coles 109

Please join the American Medical Women's Association for our annual panel devoted to highlighting women in surgical subspecialties. Our panelists will be sharing their perspectives on surgery, and will be open to questions from those in attendance. We are thrilled to be hosting several NYU faculty members:

Dr. Deborah Axelrod, Surgical Oncology and Breast Surgery Dr. Nirit Rosenblum, Urology, Dr. Alice Chu, Orthopedic Surgery, and Dr. Divya Sridhar, Interventional...

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Self Defense Class

Monday, Sep 26, 6 pm
227 E 30th St (TRB), 120 Seminar Room

AMWA has teamed up with Student Health Services to bring you a self defense class! This is a free class with instructors from Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy, 6-7:30 pm on Monday, September 26th in Room 120 at the Translational Research Building.  They have taught classes for many groups, including at NYU's undergraduate campus.  Feel free to check out their classes and photos on their website.   

This class will teach you basic self defense maneuvers. It will be fun and...

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Trapped Documentary at Cinema VIllage

Thursday, May 12, 7:30 pm
22 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003

NYU's AMWA chapter will be attending a screening of a new documentary Trapped, a part of the Worker's Unite Film Festival. It highlights themes of reproductive rights for working women, as well as the effects of policy on women's healthcare across America.

From the Worker's Unite Film Festival's website:

A brilliant new documentary detailing how the forces on the side of the national law deal with anti-abortion groups to make abortion impossible for working women in many...

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AMWA Baruch-NYU Mentorship Intro

Tuesday, Mar 29, 7 pm
Skirball 5th Floor Conference Room

NYU SoM's AMWA will be partnering with Baruch College's chapter of AMWA to begin a mentorship program between current NYU students and Baruch undergraduates. We hope to build relationships between prospective medical students and current medical students to help pass on knowledge and connections to young women interested in medicine. This is a great opportunity to build mentorship skills and to make meaningful connections with college students in New York. 

At this introductory...

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Financial Workshop

Tuesday, Feb 23, 5 pm
Alumni Hall B

Concerned about all those digits before the decimal point on your student loans? Mystified by the prospect of malpractice insurance and disability insurance? Wondering what your best options are for both managing your student debt and investing for your future? 

Join AMWA for a workshop on managing your finances in medical school and beyond - featuring a panel including Johnathan Chancellor and Shama Strougo from the NYUSoM financial aid office and residents speaking about their...

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Resources in AMWA

Tuesday, Dec 1, 6 pm
Coles 302

Come learn about the many resources available within the national American Medical Women's Association!  Dr. Connie Newman, of the Dept of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, will speak to us about the various resources, including scholarships, mentoring opportunities, and committees available to student AMWA members. 

Dinner will be provided.   

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Self Defense Class

Monday, Oct 26, 7 pm
Smilow MPR

AMWA has teamed up with Student Health Services to bring you a self defense class!  This is a free class for you, provided by Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy, 7-8:30 pm on Monday, October 26th in Smilow MPR.  They have taught classes for many groups, including for our NYU undergraduate campus.  Feel free to check out their classes and photos on their website.   

This class will teach you basic self defense maneuvers.  It will be fun and interactive, so come ready to move and to feel...

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Women in Surgery Panel

Tuesday, Oct 6, 6 pm
Coles 109

Join NYU's chapter of the American Medical Women's Association as we host a panel of women surgeons as they reflect on their careers in medicine and how their gender has been impactful in their training and career. Panelists will include: Dr. Akuezunkpa Ude Welcome, from the Department of General Surgery Dr. Nirit Rosenblum, from the Department of Urology, Dr. Caron Rockman, from the Department of Vascular Surgery, and Dr. Divya Sridhar, from the Department of Interventional...

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Intersections: Gender

Monday, Mar 16, 7:30 pm
Faculty Dining Room

Hi everyone, Join us for the second event of our Intersections Discussion series this year! Throughout the semester, various culture- and identity-related groups will be leading discussions on issues pertaining to race, sexuality, religion, gender, and more.  This Monday, March 13, at 7:30 PM in the Faculty Dining Room (next to Smilow Cafe, at the bottom of the stairs), the American Medical Women's Association will be leading a discussion on gender and how gender inequality affects us as...

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Women in Orthopaedics

Wednesday, Feb 18, 6 pm
Coles 301

AMWA and the Orthopaedic Surgery Club are co-sponsoring a women in orthopaedic medicine dinner panel!  Dr. Jenny Frances will be there to answer questions and talk about her experience as a female surgeon in this field.  A couple of her residents will also be there to speak.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions and to hear about a specialty in which women are underrepresented. 

Dinner will be provided!

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Screening of TEDx Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Thursday, Dec 11, 7 pm
Coles 101

This will be our last AMWA event of the year with Mona & Akhila as leaders! We will be screening a 2013 TEDx talk by prominent Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie where she discusses what it means to be a feminist. Afterwards, we will discuss what issues the attendees find to be applicable to them and how to handle and correct the gendered micro-aggressions with which they may be confronted. This screening will speak to the first goal of AMWA (as a national organization)...

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