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The Symposium

Wednesday, Sep 6, 7 pm
The Paddock

The Symposium is a bi-monthly event intended to bring together those interested in philosophy to grab food, a coffee, or a milkshake and talk about things that matter. It is an informal discussion-based space and is open to anyone and everyone. Each week, we will plan to invite a member of the faculty here at Furman, or at campuses around the area, to come and "lead" the discussion. The faculty member will discuss their current research and the questions driving that research, giving us...

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Student Involvement Fair

Wednesday, Aug 29, 4:30 pm
Milford Mall

Hey Philosophers,

Next Wednesday (the 29th) Phi House will have a table at the Student Involvement Fair.  I would love to have 30 or so of us show up and really create a Philos-Mob (as opposed to a Flash-mob).  We will have Phi stickers for everyone to give out to folks and so we need you to come spread the Logos! 


Will you be attending?

Hilary L Rampey updated the event Film CLP: Memento