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Welcome to the Portland State University Game Club! We're dedicated to providing an inclusive, welcoming and relaxing space for playing games together. We sponsor a weekly board game meet Thursdays at 5pm, in the Smith Food Court (time and day subject to change per term). Drop in, say hi, and throw down some dice, cards or Meeples with us!

We also host a weekly RPG night, an evening of roleplaying games featuring a wide variety of settings.

If there's a game focus you're passionate about but don't see here, please get in touch! That probably means we need you to make it happen! We're a member-led organization, which means we rely on each other and on you to facilitate that event you're just itching to see, D&D campaigns or whatever else you love. Join up and help us share that love with you!


We also have a facebook page here that might be more up to date than the orgsync page.

Portal Information


We are Critical Miss, the PSU Game Club. We're dedicated to providing an inclusive, welcoming and relaxing space for playing games together. We play all types of games: roleplaying games, board and card games, miniatures games, and whatever exciting new type of game you're about to introduce to us!



Group Type

Student Organization- SALP

Group E-mail

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Membership Criteria

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Section 1.​Membership in this organization shall be open to all PSU
students enrolled for at least one credit and paying the Incidental/Student
Section 2.​Any student wishing to become a member may do so by
showing up.
Section 3.​Any member may maintain their status within the
organization as long as they are a student meeting the criteria and wish
to remain a member.
Section 4. ​All members shall have the same privileges within the
organization, and shall not be discriminated against for any reason,
including, but not limited to: race, national origin, religion, sex, gender
identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, citizenship, weight,
disability, or veteran status.
Section 5.​Non-PSU students may attend and participate in any club
activity. The organization reserves the right to remove a non-PSU student
at any time for any reason.

Proposed constitution

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