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Welcome to MELODY (Music Enriching the Lives of Developing Youth)!

On Saturday mornings, we teach piano to underprivileged youths in Redwood City, having a blast and making a difference at the same time!

If you're a current member, looking forward to seeing you at the next Saturday teaching session!

If you're interested in joining MELODY, please email one of your presidents: Kaylee Bement <> or Andreas Garcia <> or the financial officer Brian Liu <>; we'd love to have you on board, and welcome new members at any time throughout the year!

Here's our website if you want to learn more:

Thanks, and we hope to see you soon!

Portal Information


Music Enriching the Lives of Developing Youth (MELODY) is a community service group that provides weekly piano and music theory lessons to underprivileged elementary school students in Redwood City.


Community Service

President's Name

This person will be the primary contact for the University and external entities

Kaylee Bement

President's Email Address

Please do not use email aliases or non-Stanford accounts

VP/Co-President's Name

This person will be the secondary contact for the University

Benjamin Chadwick

Financial Officer's Name

This person is given access to request and process funds in myGroups2

Andreas Garcia

Organization Email (if exists)
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Membership Classification

What percentage of the students in your organization are undergraduate v. graduate?

70% or more undergrad = UNDERGRAD

Target Population

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  • Undergrads
Total Active Membership

Number of students that actively participate in the operations of the organization. This is NOT the number of people on your mailing list.


Size of Leadership Team

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Usual Meeting Day

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Usual Meeting Location & Time

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Building 200, Saturday, 10:00am

Primary Advisor's Name

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Kristen Azevedo

Primary Advisor Email Address

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  • Haas Center for Public Service
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Ankita Rakhe