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Student Travel Funding Application

This form must be completed in full and submitted to the SGA Treasurer a minimum of 72 business hours prior to departure for any travel to be funded. The committee Chairman will schedule a hearing upon the receipt of your application. Once the hearing is scheduled and held, you will be informed on how much the committee wishes to allocate for reimbursement.


What is STFC?
STFC stands for Student Travel Funding Committee and is a scholarship available to Georgia College student who are presenting academic research or participating in an educational conference throughout the year. 

Am I eligible for STFC funding?
Any currently enrolled student seeking funding for academic travel is eligible to receive STFC funds. Students can only receive STFC funding once per academic semester and must be able to present a brief synopsis of the conference or event they are wishing to attend.

So when do I actually receive the funding?
Unfortunately, STFC funding is on a reimbursement basis only. Though you may be allocated funding from the committee before your trip, you still must initially pay the full amount by yourself. After your trip and upon presentation of the required documentation, a reimbursement check will be mailed or available for pick up. 

What all must I do before my trip?
Requirements Before Travel

•    Complete and submit an Student Travel Funding application – (Due minimum 3 business days before trip departure date)
•    Meet with and be allocate funding from the Student Travel Funding Committee

I just got back from my trip and I need reimbursement, what now?
Requirements After Travel – (Due minimum 15 business days after trip return date)
•    Submit documentation packet to the SGA Treasurer
o    Must be complete in a manila envelope or secured with a gator clip/paper clip, no staples please
o    Contents:
    Completed Post-Travel Report 
    Itemized receipts
    Boarding passes – (If applicable)
    Proof of conference – (Any document showing that the event took place; can be an advertisement, program, publication, etc)
    Handwritten thank you note – (Addressed to the University Foundation, thanking the board for their support of your travel.
    Reflection Paragraph – (A short description and reflection on your experience)
•    Receive reimbursement
o    Inform the SGA Treasurer as to whether you prefer to have your reimbursement check mailed or be made available for pick up
o    Your reimbursement will be handled as soon as possible after submission of the required documentation and you will be informed regularly on its status




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