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Women in Management (WIM) 
Women in Management (WIM) is a club that supports women at the GSB by developing a supportive community of individuals who inspire each other to thrive.  WIM is open to all MBA students of all genders in supporting the experience of women at the GSB and in the professional community. We invite all members of the GSB community to get involved with WIM in one way or another and participate in building an inclusive community. We host a range of events throughout the year, including a retreat, big name speakers, our annual banquet, a career trek, and regular panels covering a range of personal and professional topics. We also facilitate WIM Groups, considered by many to be a highlight of their GSB experience. 

WIMen is a part of WIM aimed at including everyone in the dialogue necessary to support women. WIMen is for individuals who wish to support the advancement of women at the GSB and in the professional community who may not have the time for the full slate of activities of WIM.

Let us know if you have any questions about which group - WIM or WIMen - might be best for you based on your interests and needs.

Our Vision
Women in Management (WIM) is a strong, authentic community of members who aim to build a supportive network and foster a more equitable and gender-mindful business world. We strive to:

  • Build an inclusive and supportive community of women and men who inspire each other to develop personally and professionally and emerge from the GSB as courageous creators of a level playing field.
  • Create shared experiences that provoke honest conversation about gender issues in business, with a focus on actionable solutions and impact beyond the GSB.
  • Seek to uncover unconscious biases and build intentional, gender-mindful leaders.

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