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SMSA Conference Travel Application

Rev. 03-30-2018

There is limited funding from SMSA to fund students attending conferences. Funding is approved on a first-come, first-serve basis and students are eligible for two (2) approved conference travel funding requests per academic year. Due to large volumes of requests, SMSA is only able to provide funds for students who are either presenting at or in a leadership/organizing role for the conference.

Students are also limited to three (3) approved travel requests during their time at SMS. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

General Guidelines:

  • Assistance is up to $200.00, based on unmet need.
  • Students must have already submitted a request for funding for travel to present research from MedScholars (please see MedScholars site)
  • Submission for funding must occur prior to travel date.
  • SMSA will provide a reimbursement for the airfare AFTER the conference - you must be prepared to pay for your travel up front and will receive reimbursement after travel is completed (See:

Please prepare the following:

1. Personal information and conference information (date of travel, location, etc.) and brief statements on:

  • Conference description
  • What are you presenting / why you wish to attend the conference

2. Other funding sources: Email confirmation from outside funding sources:

  • MedScholars (
  • Mentor/Department funding
  • Outside funding sources (outside of Stanford)
  • OR Explanation as to why outside funding is not possible

3. Budget: estimated cost of airfare

As a reminder, please make sure you are not in violation of any curriculum attendance policies and clear any absences you may have prior to travel.

If you have already been approved for funding, you can submit for travel reimbursement here:

You must submit for travel reimbursement no more than thirty (30) days following conference travel.

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