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Welcome to Redwood Outdoors!

Our Mission
Redwood Club aims to connect individuals interested in getting outdoors. We connect people through official trips, unofficial trips, club events, and our online forums.

Official Trips
We offer official Redwood trips that are lead by trained leaders and subsidized by special fees. Our trips are varied in their difficulty so that we have trips appropriate and interesting for everyone, from first time hikers to experience veterans. We primarily lead backpacking and day trips, but love to mix things up and try new things.  You can read about some of our past trips here.

If you have interest in leading trips, we invite you to apply to become a Redwood leader! We are always looking to get more people involved.

Unofficial Trips
We have an email list that is made up of over a thousand people from the Stanford community who are interested in the outdoors. If you are planning on going on a trip somewhere and would like to find some people to join you, please send out an email to the list with details about your trip.

Redwood Events
We will occasionally have meeting and get togethers to provide people a more casual opportunity to get to know others with similar outdoor interest. We will email these out to the Redwood list. If you are not yet part of this list, please see below for how to join.

Join Our Email List
Anyone who is a Stanford Community Member (student, faculty, or staff) is welcome to join our email list and participate in our club. To join our email list, click here.