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SPB Executive and Activities Board Application 2014-2015

SPB is the premier programming board for students at the University of Central Oklahoma. We pride ourselves on providing festive and memorable programming to the UCO Community. Our Executive Board positions include:

Cohort Directors:

  • Membership Director – Oversees membership development and weekly general membership meetings. Also fills in for the Executive Director in the event of an absence.
  • Promotions Director – Oversees aspects of marketing and promotions within the organization.  The Promotions Director will also be responsible for creating and implementing the SPBe Involved Program.
  • Leadership Director - Oversees Leadership Lunches and SPB's involvement in Homecoming.

Committee Directors:

  • Special Events – Oversees events such as SPB Night at the Thunder Game, Midnight Cereal Bar, SPB Ball Pit, and other events. Serves as the Director of the Special Events Committee.
  • Concerts – Oversees events such as  Broncho Idol, Open Mic Nights, the Homecoming Concert, and other concert events. Serves as the Director of the Concerts Committee.
  • Recreation – Oversees recreational events such as the 8:08 Movie Series, SPB on the Rocks, Elevation Trampoline Park, and other events. Serves as the Director of the Recreation Committee.
  • Daytime Events – Oversees all daytime programming events such as Walking Taco Wednesday, Money Machine Monday, Central Con Queso, and other events. Serves as the Director of the Daytime Events Committee. Must be available between 10-1 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.    
  • Issues and Ideas- Oversees events regarding current issues such as Self Defense Class, Dorm Room Dining, Old North Ghost Tours, and other events. Serves as the Director of the Issues and Ideas Committee.
  • Creative Events- Oversees events such as Make Your Own Wax Hand, Just Kiln Time, Spin Art Stunna Shades, and other events. Serves as the Director of the Creative Events Committee. Must be available between 10-1 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  • Pride and Traditions- Oversees events such as Build a Buddy, Swap Your Pride, Decorate a Cowbell, and other events. Serves as the Director of the Pride and Traditions Committee.
  • Collaborations -  (Note: Collaborations next year will be a committee instead of a cohort) Oversees events in collaboration with other organizations. Serves as the Director of the Collaborations Committee.

All Executive Board and Activities Board members must:

  • Attend weekly SPB Meetings on Tuesday nights from 5:30-8:00.
  • Attend weekly General Assembly Meetings on Tuesday nights.
  • Lead a student committee.
  • Perform two office hours in Campus Activities on a weekly basis.
  • Attend three SPB events every month.
  • Have weekly one-on-ones with advisor and Executive Director

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