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Do you wish you had a progressive space to discuss your beliefs and doubts with others, and to explore your spirituality?

Are you looking for a community that shares your values for openness and acceptance?

If so, we might be the group for you!

Our goal is to build a group where we can support each other in living our values and seeking what gives our lives meaning.

More questions?  Check out our website or contact faculty advisor Tina Voelker (


Portal Information


Our goal is to support each other in seeking out what gives our lives meaning and learning how all religions are interconnected.



President Name


President Email


Advisor Name

Tina Voelker

Meeting Day(s), Time(s), and Location(s)

check website

Membership Selection Process

An individual is considered eligible to membership if they
1. are enrolled as a student in Colorado School of Mines,
2. believe they share the values of the organization,
3. and may reasonably explain that they do not violate the Laws of Thermodynamics and are not a computer, if confronted regarding these allegations.

Membership Fees (per sememster)