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Loras College Choirs

Bella Voce, Concert Choir, and Chamber Singers. 

This site has valuable information such as call times and concert dates for those in the Loras College Choirs.

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All students participating in the creative process are constantly involved as active learners. The training of a musician demands that the student engage many different faculties concurrently, all with the goal of reaching the whole potential of the creative or re-creative process.

In determining the worth of musical study or the components thereof, students are challenged to be reflective thinkers. Although musicians are always involved in the activity of their art, we are demanded to constantly reflect upon how and why we act, teach, and perform.

Graduating ethical decision makers will be the foundation of this institution's and department's contribution to the world around us. As music is a discipline strongly tied to its historical foundations, students are continually made aware of the traditions which are an inseparable part of out identity.

It is almost impossible to separate a musician from his/her art: the art is a part of who we are and continually a part of what we do, whether “on the job” or not. As an active calling or an avocation, musicians remain after their graduation responsible contributors in diverse professional, social and religious roles.



Organization Meeting Location

Gallagher Hall

President or Primary Contact Name

Bruce Kotowich

Advisor Name

Bruce Kotowich

Advisor School Title

Associate Professor of Music