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Organization Overview

The Literary Society, who played host on this evening, is mostly composed of English majors, faculty, and staff who “like reading and all things literary,” says Dr. Susan Stone, who has been the faculty advisor ever since she founded the group eight years ago. The group participates in a wide variety of activities, such as book and short story discussions, outings to films and plays, and co-hosting guest speakers. In addition, the group helps members with graduate school and major-related issues and organizes fundraisers every year which collect money, arts and crafts supplies, and books. These items are then donated to the Multicultural Family Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Dubuque, and other places around the community. In addition to the Literary Society, Dr. Stone is also the faculty advisor to Writers’ Ink, a group she began three years ago with several of her then MOI students. One co-founder, Mat Drosopulous, was the chair of the group until this spring, when English majors Maria Rauen and Angie Wycoff enthusiastically stepped into that role as co-chairs. For those not familiar with the group, Writers’ Ink is a workshop writing group whose members dabble in novels, poetry, creative essays, newspaper articles, and even screenplays. The group members meet every week to receive feedback on their own projects and to also give feedback on what the other members have shared. They also co-sponsor speakers and help the Literary Society with their annual fundraisers and community service projects. The goal of Writers’ Ink is to help each other develop as writers, sometimes with the end goal of getting a piece published or ready for public presentation. For example, this past fall they put on a well-received poetry slam in the Loras planetarium. This event was open to the public and gave the members a chance to share their work with the larger Loras community. What Dr. Stone especially likes about Writers’ Ink is that it is made up of more than just English majors. She is excited to see people from different majors and backgrounds coming together to share their creative talents. She has high hopes for the future of both groups, and invites anyone interested in either to contact her at

Category Special Interest
Keywords English, reading, book, book club, literature, literary
Organization Meeting Location

Thursday in Wahlert 101

President or Primary Contact Name

Megan Redmond

Advisor Name

Susan Stone

Advisor School Title

Associate Professor of English & OConnor Chair


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