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Welcome to the Network of Enlightened Women!!

Thanks for checking out the Network for Enlightened Women (NeW) at the University of Akron! As a student organization, and one of 20 NeW chapters across the country, our primary objective is to provide an opportunity for young university women to find expression and recognition on our campus. Out of 250 student organizations, NeW is the premier organization for culturally conservative women. See for yourself by joining today!


  • To actively engage with other women on campus, and in the community, to dispel common biases towards young women and expand intellectual diversity on college campuses through our focus on education.
  • Open more opportunities for students to socialize, network, and engage in conversation with our community, other NeW chapters, and mentors regarding conservative principles.
  • Foster and encourage dialect about issues concerning young women and promote a positive attitude towards our ideals through open forum discussions, guest lectures, panel discussions, social events, showing relevant films, and informational presentations.
  • To organize activities in order to collect, analyze, and dissemination issues relating to politics, gender, and conservative principles.
  • Work collectively to dispel common misconceptions about conservative university women.

We recognize that there are issues upon which there is considerable debate among members, and thus do not take official positions on political issues or discriminate on divergent opinions.

For more information, check us out on our website or contact us at

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The purpose of this organization shall be to cultivate a community of conservative women and to expand intellectual diversity through education and discussion of topics including, but not limited to issues relating to politics, gender and conservative principles.


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