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Organization Overview

The Global Student Alliance at UW-Milwaukee promotes cultural understanding and exchange on campus and beyond. Global Student Alliance host a wide array of events and activities (independently and in collaboration with other student organizations) while exposes students to opportunities within the global community while integrating service, leadership, and professional development opportunities.

Category Cultural
Keywords Global, culture, club, diversity, international, cafe, fun, leadership, professional development, service, volunteering, campus, involvement, cultural, community, globally-minded, belonging, study abroad
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Garland 129

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Month of elections

First month of every semester

Membership Requirements:

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Summarize the organization's purpose as stated in the charter or constitution. (60 word maximum)

The Global Student Alliance's purpose is to cultivate and foster international interests among students at UW-Milwaukee and enrich the global community on campus while providing opportunities for service, leadership, professional development, and cultural exchanges.


Summarize organizational events, activities and programs. (40 word maximum)

Through events, such as culture cafes and speakers, service and volunteering, and collaboration with other internationally focused and culturally oriented groups on campus and in Milwaukee, Global Student Alliance offers opportunities to share and learn about different cultures and global issues.

Public Contact Officer Name:

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Alexandria Sedar

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Must be one of the four primary officers list on page 2 of this form.

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