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Community Engagement at Stetson University

Learning through community engagement at Stetson is deeply embedded in our mission, our values, and our character. Since community engagement is so deeply woven throughout our fiber, we have a wide variety of programs that provide students, faculty, and staff members different opportunities to engage in good work in the community around us.

The Center for Community Engagement (fondly known as the CCE) works to connect students and faculty members with community partners and volunteer opportunities, supporting student organizations, providing students with service learning opportunities, offering an alternative service-inspired spring and fall break and offers scholarships and service awards.'

The Center for Community Engagement is involved in a number of service areas that include but are not limited to; Health and Elder Care, Youth Empowerment, Environment, Education, Global Issues, Hunger and Homelessness, Community and Economic Development, ESOL and Animal Advocacy.

The Center for Community Engagement also happily works with community partners to help make connections with students and faculty of the university, to provide professional development opportunities and to offer service grants and awards to those who need it.


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Stetson's mission statement describes our goal of fostering in students the qualities of mind and heart that will prepare them to reach their full potential as informed citizens of local communities and the world. Central to this goal, according to the mission, is preparing all members of the University to "commit to active forms of social responsibility."

Leadership and responsibility for this institutional commitment is spread throughout the University, with individuals in academic affairs and campus life working collaboratively towards this end. Our educational aspiration is to inspire and prepare students to live a significant life - a life that makes a difference in our world.

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is the hub for campus-community collaboration. The CCE connects students, faculty, staff and community partners to promote service-learning initiatives. Currently, the office is comprised of three full-time professional staff members, as well as two AmeriCorps*VISTA members and ten student coordinators. These individuals facilitate community relationships, initiate campus programming on issues of social concern, and provide students with opportunities for learning through training, dialogue, speakers, and service.

The Center for Community Engagement is located at 609 Bert Fish Drive, directly across from the Hollis Center pool. For more information call 386-822-8708 or visit us online:



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Amber Finnicum-Simmons, Community Impact Coordinator



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Kevin Winchell, Associate Director of Community Engagement

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609 Bertfish Drive



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Savannah-Jane Griffin, Director of Community Engagement and Inclusive Excellence, '07
Kevin Winchell, Associate Director of Community Engagement, '07
Amber Finnicum-Simmons, Community Impact Coordinator and AmeriCorps VISTA, '16
Maxwell Droznin, Community Engagement Coordinator and AmeriCorps VISTA, '16