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Rebecca Kelley
Nov 26, 2012

November 19

Nov 26, 2012 by Rebecca Kelley

Agenda for November 19th

• Do intro
• Ask Ryan to describe the VPSA meeting
o Stokes ready in 10 days
o Renovating st. mary’s—interior, still needs approval
o Quad—Redoing
o Civility issue on campus—rude, uncivilized conduct
? Vandalism up
? Medical transport up
? Conduct down, but more severe
? Why is this happening?
? Where it’s stemming from? –class (under),
? What to do during late night
? Extra security guard, similar to Walsh
? Cameras
• Dining Meeting report (how did it go? A lot of changes to be made?)
o Email
o Bar at hillside is too much of an undertaking
? High thin table with chairs
? Refurnishing couches
o Seltzer—already working on it, in minimarts
o Look into triangles on table
o 30 min later for church—will look into it
o Mini-marts, why people not using them?
? Cigarettes and tobacco
? Prices
? Bias that BC charges more
? Can’t use dining plan
? One at Mac is useless—sophomores and juniors won’t use it
? Whole appeal is FLEX—juniors and seniors
? Give it time
? To get people to go
• More funds on flex plan
• Publicize locations better
• Stand up triangle signs
o Chocolate milk—get a cup
o Honey mustard changed, no uproar
o Waffle hut
? In contact with Steve
? Impossible to add heat to building
? No running water is health code
? Pilot version a thing in lower
? We will work it
o Cashiers—
? Adjusting it
? Will make it shorter
? Really want the data
o Campus Ambassadors
• Library meeting did change to Wednesday the 28th at 1 pm
o Rebecca Kelley, Ben Couch, Matt Taylor, Luke Kruse
o Bring up again next meeting
• Distribute the survey for critique
o There’s a back
o Bring up next Monday
o Third floor—say Oneill
o Replace Player’s Club with Eagle’s Nest
o QSLC logo
• Ask everyone who will be studying abroad (take down their names for planning purposes)
o Rebecca Kelley
o Luke Kruse
• Suggestions
o How satisfied are you with the sexual health resources at Boston College? On questionnaire