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Rebecca Kelley
Nov 18, 2012

November 12th

Nov 18, 2012 by Rebecca Kelley

Agenda for November 12, 2012

• UGBC Policy
o Sexual health and advocacy
o Petitioning admin for resources on campus
o Education on sexual health and
o Materials, education, resources
o Having trouble collecting data from student body
o Office of health promotion sends standard survey except BC cuts out sexual health section
o Admin doesn’t have to but should
o Next week is action plan
• Dining Meeting next Monday the 19th, not today
o 2 PM next Monday
o 129 Lake St.
o Luke Kruse, Lauren Bobersky, Catherine
• Potential Library Meeting change to Wednesday the 28th at 1 pm instead of Tuesday at 12 pm
o Rebecca Kelley, Luke Kruse, Ben Couch, Lauren Bobersky, Brandon, Anna, Ryan, Claire, tony t, Matt Taylor
o Burns Library –back of Bapst
• Survey
o Name/email for prize—maybe a rip off on bottom of page
o Place to put number—easily circle
o No opinion off to side
o Want dining hall do you normally eat at? At beginning of Dining section
o 2 questions on Sexual Health
? Should BC provide more sexual health resources
? How satisfied are you with BC’s treatment of sexual health
o Add “no WSJ”
o Hours and cleanliness questions possibly unnecessary
• Reach out to Career Center
o On Campus recruiting geared towards CSOM-ers, A&S left behind
• Flyers for internet use of Globe and NY Times
o Contact info on newspaper flyers
o Email flyer to board
• Suggestions
o Dining—update price signs