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Rebecca Kelley
Nov 6, 2012

November 5th Agenda

Nov 6, 2012 by Rebecca Kelley

Agenda for November 5th

• Dining Meeting Nov. 12th at 2:00 pm
o Ben, Lauren, Luke, Catherine
o Lake Street!
• Library Meeting for Tuesday Nov. 27th at 12pm
o Rebecca, Brandon
o Burns!
o Revisit next week—Wed at 12? 1?
o Doodle!
• Update on Credit- 5 hours
o Want to be at 8 hrs
o BCTalks—does it count?
o Remind Anna about health info
• T-Shirts
o Luke is going to get a price, then we pay for them, then he gets them
• Banner and Fliers
o Banner is getting done tomorrow
o Fliers—Lauren email them to Luke
• Survey Questions
o Survey meeting on Sunday
o Rough draft
o Anything to add
? Lauren send questions from UGBC
? Also space at bottom for any comments
? Excluding WSJ
? More big picture questions—what do you think of reslife, dining with also more specific questions below
? How satisfied are you with the below
• Service
• quality of food
• etc
o Online (try to do paper too)
• Suggestions, particularly dining ones
o Dining
? Monthly newsletter—loose-leaf in dining hall, triangles on table
? Look into boxes for pizzas at Addies
? Addies—why can’t you get all the toppings on salad (mozzarella cheese)
? Lines in Addies—confusing, making just signage would help
? Addies—chalkboard for ice-cream
? Hillside—soy milk for self-serve coffee
? Any way you can add more tables for Hillside
• Maybe get rid of coaches and add a bar (like Starbucks)
? Seltzer water in mini-marts
? Keep mini-mart open 30 min longer for Sunday mass
? No chocolate milk in lower
? Eagles—took away mustard
? Addies nutrition info
? Waffleshack—try and get going in early spring
• Distributing both surveys in eagles
? THANKS for free hot water
o Follow-up transportation meeting
o Library
? More computer stations on 3rd floor ONeill
? Signage about printing
? Designate some computers for printing on 3rd floor