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Rebecca Kelley
Oct 17, 2012

Minutes Oct. 15

Oct 17, 2012 by Rebecca Kelley

Agenda for October 15th

• New Listserv
• Rideboard
o Tried to do in past
o Holidays, share rides to airport/home
o Try and get it on Agora Portal
o We need to publicize it before Thanksgiving
o On status, link to website
o Group/page they like—NOT event
• On-line copies of Boston Globe
o If you sign up, you get it for the end of the semester
o Contact professors on OrgSync, go from there
• UGBC Policy Committee
o Sustainability was this week
o Next week= sexual health and LGBTQ
o Goal= keep issues going so don’t forget about them, all about progress
o Idea: Newsletter available to students?
• Distribute Flyers
o Courage to Know Classes
o Freshmen Leadership groups
• Fundraising opportunity
o El Pelon
o Maggie—check on fundraising clause
• Meeting with Transportation
o Tentatively Wednesday at 11
o Lauren, Dave, Ryan
o Ideas: direct route to Res; Fri. and Sat. leaves Res at 2:05
• Survey
o Rough draft on Monday
o General survey
• Suggestions
o Bookstore= online bookstore is hard to deal with