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Rebecca Kelley
Sep 25, 2012

Minutes for Sep. 24

Sep 25, 2012 by Rebecca Kelley

September 24, 2012

• Introductions
• Meeting with Dining Wed. September 26th at 3pm
o 129 Lake St.
• Meeting with Libraries Thursday September 27th at 12pm
• 30 Credits of various requirements
o Every event is one credit, unless otherwise noted
o 10 credits of mandatory training
o 4 cultural diversity
o 4 health and wellness
o 4 religious and spirituality
o 4 leadership
o 4 civic engagement
o Search training on Orgsync—click on first link
• Committees
o Recruiting
? Make banner
? Recruit freshmen, and sophomores
? QSLC name out there more
? Danny Corning, Dave Lowenthal, Ben Coach
o Dining
? Get more interaction between students/dining
? More transparency
? Problems, pluses
? Why dining are making changes
? Kalie Marion, Danielle Gerard, Ashley Ayers
o Surveys
? Couple surveys
? October/November
? School-wide
? Any issues with reslife, facilities
? Steve Habetz
? First survey—Beans Creams and Dreams
• Turn into a waffle hut
• Desert themed—hot fudge, whipped cream, powdered sugar
• Toppings on surveys
• Hours? Afternoon? Everyday? Saturday and Sunday, Late Night?
• Cover ALL dining plans
• Brought to you by BC Dining & QSLC
• T-shirt slogans?
o QSLC—Changing BC for you and me
• Suggestions
o Transportation
? Map of Bus Routes on the Buses
? Bus directly to reservoir—directly via Beacon—weekends?
? Request stops?
o Dining
? much more transparent about Chobani
? Refilling salad bar—especially at noon
? Lines in Mac
o Quarters for Laundry off campus—change machine off campus
o Parking—clearer about procedures