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Eagle Communications (Eagle Stamp, Eagle TV, and Eagle Cry)

Eagle Communications ( Eagle Stamp, Eagle TV, and Eagle Cry)

Eagle Stamp: Please allow a ​2-Business Day turnover for stamps.

Eagle TV: Please allow 7-Business Days notice before you would like your slide to be shown. 

              If you would like to submit a design here is the dimensions (Please submit your design in JPEG format):
              - Width: 1443px X Height: 689px
              - Width: 15 inches X Height: 7.5 inches

If your design has the university's name it can only be La Sierra or La Sierra University (Any designs with LSU or LaSU will be denied).

Eagle Cry: Sunday Deadline - published on Mondays

Below are templates with the correct dimensions for the Eagle TV slides

Eagle TV Dimension Layout.pptx
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Eagle TV Dimension
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