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Carnival Resurrection

Friday, Nov 3, 7 pm
Vandy Cabaret Room (1st floor)

CCC is known for celebrating the vast differences between all of the beautiful islands of the caribbean. There are so many choices between foods and culture, but one thing they all have in common is dance!! CARNIVAL RESURRECTION will be the coming together of spirits, dance moves, caribbean flavors & more!! We will be playing music from ALL the islands and re-celebrating labor day with a halloween twist!!

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Saturday, Apr 9, 2 pm
Newton Centre Field

As a part of Caribe Fusion Weekend, the Caribbean Culture Club will be hosting a J'Ouvert which is a carnival event celebrated widely throughout the Caribbean. The event will include music, caribbean snacks, and a paint fest, similarly to HOLI.

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Miss CCC Pageant

Saturday, Jan 23, 7 pm
Heights Room

Caribbean Culture Club is hosting our annual pageant show. You all are invited as guests or participants. Judges from the Fashion Club of Boston College and other invited judges will examine shared cultural traditions from the Caribbean through music, traditional dress and talents. The winner will have the privilege of representing the Caribbean on campus and will be awarded with a special prize. Our goal is to showcase different aspects of Caribbean culture and life through talents,...

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Alumni Dinner

Thursday, Nov 12, 7 pm
McElroy Conference Room 237

A dinner featuring a guest alumni speaker, Akim St.Ohmer, speaking about relevant issues within Caribbean community at Boston College and nationwide. The speaker will also give life advice and be open to answering questions.


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Mr. and Miss CCC Pageant Auditions

Tuesday, Nov 18, 4 pm
Stayer Hall: First Floor Lounge

Caribbean Culture Club (CCC) of Boston College is hosting a pageant show on January 24th during the Spring semester. Our goal is to showcase different aspects of Caribbean culture and life through talents, fashion and trivia. We want you to help us make this show amazing by auditioning !

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Networking with Caribbean Professionals

Wednesday, Apr 10, 6 pm
Heights Room

In this event, we could reach out to AHANA Alumni and professionals, especially those affiliated with the Caribbean, to come and talk to BC about their career experiences. I think it would be good to have people from various industries give a talk about the decisions they made that led them to the positions they are at now. After the discussion I also think it would be extremely beneficial to have a networking time allotted to people can talk and make connection with...

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Caribbean Folklore Show and Story-writing

Thursday, Nov 8, 6 pm
Fulton 511

One of the richest parts of Caribbean Culture is the folklore and stories that are interwoven with the holidays, beliefs, and morals of the Caribbean people. All children who grew up in the Caribbean or with parents who were from there know that the stories told always have cultural morals, which are very formative. We want to share these stories with BC students at this event. We will have eboard members read stories and have the audience and other eboard members...

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Island Market

Friday, Nov 9, 7 pm
Gasson 100

The Caribbean Culture Club will be hosting an evening event in the style of a traditional open-air island market. There will be tables set up around the perimeter of the room as well as a small stage on one side. Each table will be a market stall, where there will be prepared food, recipe cards, spice mixes, jams & other dry goods brought directly from Jamaica, an exposition of religion in the Caribbean by our advisor (Father Michael), caribbean music playlists,...

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Learn about CCC

Nov 7 - Nov 8
Academic Quad

This event is an essential part of Caribbean Culture Week. Without sufficient publicity, the events of the week will not have a high enough attendance, and therefore will not be as successful as they can be. This is a problem that we encountered throughout last year with CCC, and therefore we are putting much more effort into publicity than we ever have. Our goal is to  set up an information table in the Academic Quad to hand out traditional tropical drinks from...

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Freshman General Meeting

Thursday, Oct 11, 6:30 pm
O'Connel Hall

CCC will be hosting an event specially for the Freshman class to get to know the members of the Caribbean Culture Club! We hope to attract new members to the club by addressing the freshman at a location that is convenient for them. We will have Caribbean music (no speakers from BC required), play a few ice breaker games, and introduce Caribbean Culture Week.

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Sunday, Apr 1, All Day

SPLASH is an organization that allows college students to come together and put on classes for high school students to attend to get a taste of college life. Splash promotes the idea of pursuing a higher education and uses a fun and creative process to encourage high school students to apply to college. This year CCC will be teaching a Splash class as a culture club. We will be teaching a dance that combines the cultures of all the different people found in the Carib...

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