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Organization Overview

The Loras Alternative Dispute Resolution Society strives to pursue the common goal to educate the Loras College students as Active Learners, Reflective Thinkers, Ethical Decision Makers, and Responsible Contributors. As Active Learners the LADRS members will display their knowledge taken from the classroom and apply it to various experiences during their time spent in the LADRS. During practices of dispute resolutions the LADRS members are acting as Reflective Thinkers as they creatively formulate new solutions to conflict. By building a relationship with the different parties involved LADRS members display their Ethical Decision making skills by acting in ways that are honest, courageous, and consistent with their beliefs. As active Responsible Contributors the LADRS members develop their mediation talents and collaborate with others to create peaceful conclusions to disputes.

Category Academic
Keywords Mediation
Organizations Meeting Date / Time

11/19/12 - 7:30PM

Organization Meeting Location

424 Hoffman Hall

President or Primary Contact Name

Kyle Schaffer

Advisor Name

Deone Merkel

Advisor School Title



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