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Student Organization Descriptions


The Student Senate and the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee are recognized by campus and system policy as the official voice for students, and authorized to provide oversight of the student life budgeting process.  The University Activities Board is a special governance organization charged with coordinating an array of campus-wide activities to engage Metro students, faculty, staff and alumni.  These organizations have numerous accountability measures that must be performed and executed consistently for the life of the University. Leadership in governance organizations are paid positions and are limited to a set number of students. Special criteria, application, and/or election are required for participation in the governance organizations listed below.

Student Senate
The Metro State Student Senate is an all-student governing body comprised of 20 dedicated student leaders who are focused on strengthening Metro’s commitment to being a student-centered creative enterprise. The Student Senate assists the University in its efforts to help students achieve academic excellence and be responsible citizens in an increasingly complex and culturally diverse world. Additionally, the Student Senate provides a listening post and forum for student issues, concerns, and needs, and advocates for University accountability and responsiveness.

  • MISSION: To labor, through commitment, integrity and service, as an agent and a voice of the student body for the educational issues and university affairs of Metropolitan State University.
  • VISION: To be a representative of the student body; to foster collaborative relationships; and to identify and respond to the holistic needs of the University.

Student Activity Fees Allocation Committee (SAFAC)
The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) is comprised of 7 students and exists to support the initiatives, goals, and activities of Metropolitan State University student organizations and Student Life by allocating student activity fees. SAFAC applies consistent unbiased funding decisions to represent the interests of Metropolitan State undergraduate and graduate students and enhances campus life by supporting the educational mission of Metropolitan State University.

How the Student Activity Fee Works:
All students are assessed a student activity fee which appears on their tuition bills. The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC), a committee of the Student Senate, is responsible for disbursing the collective student activity fees. Funds are distributed to eligible student organizations in the form of annual budgets, supplementary budgets, and conference requests in an effort to enhance the co-curricular life on campus.

What SAFAC Does:
SAFAC members review annual allocation requests each Spring in an effort to fairly disburse student activity fee funds. This funding serves as the primary operating budget for over forty groups and organizations on campus. The committee also hears special allocation requests, which provide funding for special events not anticipated during the annual allocation process, throughout the academic year. SAFAC members embrace the principles of honesty, fairness, and integrity. They protect the interests of all student organizations by ensuring that the decisions they make are in the best interests of all parties involved. Members do not make arbitrary judgments, they look at the big picture and make decisions that will benefit the entire college community. 

If you have any questions or would like assistance in understanding the SAFAC process, do not hesitate to contact the committee chair at

University Activities Board (UAB)
The University Activities Board is a student programming board comprised of 4 student coordinators. The UAB is responsible for the development and planning of large campus-wide student activities such as Fall Fest and Winter West, and smaller social and recreational events such as movie screenings, canoeing/kayaking, and group nights at professional sporting events. UAB coordinators work actively with students, faculty and staff to increase awareness of campus, community, and cultural programming.



American Sign Language Student Organization (ASL Club)
The main goals of the ASL Club are: (1) to help students get to know each other through learning, teaching, and using American Sign Language; and (2) to educate the campus community about Deaf culture.  The ASL Club's vision is to create a cross-cultural relationship among the Deaf and Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) and hearing students and faculty at Metro State University. Through this opportunity in building relationship among students, the goal is to help one another grow, learn, and become a more aware and involved community.

Asian Student Organization (ASO)
The missions of the ASO is to provide academic, social, and cultural support to Asian American students to succeed. It serves as an advocate on behalf of Asian American students; it promotes higher education in the Asian community; it facilitates the process of understanding among all cultures. The ASO opened a new channel for Asian students to get to know each other. New opportunities for learning and sharing are obtained. The ASO is also active in organizing and sponsoring student and community activities. Through activities and discussions, the ASO members gain useful information, valuable experiences, and great friendships. A new perspective of our school, our community and our world is formed.

Black Student Union (BSU)
Formerly known as the African American Student Association, the Black Student Union exists to encourage, empower, enlighten, embolden and enrich the African and African-American student body for the purpose of community and global engagement. BSU's vision is to encourage all Metro State students to participate in culturally enriched programming by broadening their personal as well as their academic experiences, while incorporating a community centered mindset. Students will gain a global perspective and appreciation of the professional and practical skills gained. Along with raising self-awareness and be an active participant, a student will gain a well-rounded cultural experience.

Hmong Student Organization (HSO)
The mission of the Hmong Student Organization (HSO) is to provide academic, social and cultural support. To serve Hmong, Hmong Americans and any student who seeking support to persist through college. HSO serves as an advocate on behalf of students; it promotes higher education in the Hmong and Metropolitan State University community; it facilitates the process of understanding Hmong culture, traditions, and sharing the innovation of Hmong culture.

International Student Organization (ISO)
The mission of ISO is to recognize and represent the specific needs of international students at Metropolitan State University. ISO creates opportunities for international students to have an American experience, and provides a platform for understanding global perspectives and cultural exchanges.

Lavender Bridge LGBTQ Student Organization
Lavender Bridge is comprised of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender variant, queer and ally students who strive to provide social opportunities and support for our members through developing an academic environment that supports queer scholarship, and through organizing events relating to political and social issues affecting the queer and transgender communities. We provide a safe and accepting environment for students through mutual support, informational and social activities. We seek to overcome the barriers facing the LGBTQIA student community of today through hosting events, panel discussions, film screenings and the like throughout the academic year. As a group we sponsor a variety of cultural, social and education events throughout the academic year including attending in-state and out-of-state conferences, Ally Training, film screenings and much more!

Muslim Student Association
Muslim Student Association (MSA) is student body organization, which represents, promotes, and advocates on the behalf of Muslim students at Metropolitan State University. The purpose of MSA is to not only support Muslims during their studies here, but to also raise awareness about Islam and who Muslims are through educational programming, cultural events, lectures, workshops, and community outreach. We hold communal dinners during the month of Ramadan, and work with other communities on campus to build an environment of peace and mutual understanding. We hope that the Muslim Student Association, through our actions and deeds, can be an asset to our great school and the communities that we are part of.

Pueblo Chicano-Latino Student Organization
The mission of the Pueblo Student Organization is to promote an understanding and appreciation of the Chicano/Hispanic/Latino culture, by encouraging and fostering academic excellence among the Chicano/Hispanic/Latino students and those interested in the Latin culture. We also strive to develop and provide leadership opportunities among Metro students.

Voices of Indian Council for Educational Success (VOICES)
The purpose of the Voices of Indian Council for Educational Success (VOICES) is to provide a community for American Indian students to connect and support one another during their enrollment at Metropolitan State University.  VOICES works to promote a positive and accurate image of American Indians through role modeling, cultural programming, community engagement and exhibiting servant leadership.  We foster intercultural connections and learning by sharing our identities, dispelling stereotypes, and connecting American Indian students to resources in the larger American Indian community. VOICES promotes Indian education by participating in recruitment efforts geared towards American Indians enrolling in higher education, and more specifically, at Metropolitan State University. The VOICES vision is to be a source of empowerment that inspires Native American educational excellence and integrity, providing a holistic approach to personal development and student wellness.



Alcohol & Drug Counseling Student Association (ADCSA)
The objective of ADCSA is to strengthen students’ knowledge of chemical health educational resources, including internships, employment, volunteer opportunities.  ADCSA members share their knowledge and experiences and through interactions with each other, with faculty, and with community professionals. By getting involved with the organization, students will develop strong professional relationships with their peers and other associations to enhance their career development.

Behavioral Science Student Association (BSSA)
BSSA is committed to bringing together a diverse community of multidisciplinary students within the scientific community. The association supports innovative exploration in research and engagement in the social and behavioral sciences at the local, national, and international level. Our goal is to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration, mentor and support people in attaining their research goals, and to make research of behavioral science accessible to everyone.

Cyber Security & Forensics Student Organization (CSFSO)
CSFSO is a very diverse group of students who strive to learn and maximize our potential. We are proud to represent our University, faculty, students and the community. We are the future. This organization will help its members grow as students and members of our communities to give back and to represent the University. As we graduate and excel in the job force, we will enhance the opportunities of those that follow.

Human Services Student Association (HSSA)
The purpose of the Human Services Student Association (HSSA) is: (1) to promote the professional and ethical development of its members; (2) to provide opportunities for interaction between our members, faculty, and administration; (3) to encourage service to individuals, families, and the greater community; (4) to build peer support and friendships; and (5) to recognize academic excellence and personal achievements in human services endeavors.

Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Club (LECJC)
We are an organization with the dedication to promote issues and topics relating to law enforcement and criminal justice as well as enhancing the ability of our members to connect with persons in the field, networking with colleagues and hosting great events to build pertinent skills. The LECJ Club is open to any and all current members interested in getting involved in Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice related events.

Nursing Student Organization (NSO)
NSO is comprised of a group of students dedicated to improving and enriching the experiences of both nursing students and the student body at large, through events that enhance holistic connection and health awareness. We also host events that provide nursing students with networking opportunities and help them be successful in their academics. Any student interested in healthcare and wellness education is welcomed to join NSO.

Psychology Club (Psych Club)
The Psychology Club’s mission is to provide rewarding academic and social opportunities and support services for all Metropolitan State University students and alumni. In addition, we offer members unique educational and social opportunities for students interested in psychology and/or thinking about pursuing a degree in psychology or similar fields. To achieve its mission, the Psychology Club's goals are: (1) to create an energetic and sustainable, active club that assists students in having a rewarding, productive, and enjoyable experience at Metro State; (2) to promote the discipline of psychology in all its diversity and stimulate academic interests and aid student's in achieving their goals by hosting a variety of events that bring people together for social or informational purposes but most often, a combination of the two; and (3) to foster relationships between students, faculty and administration, student organizations, and the community through all its activities. We recognize and appreciate that students' career and/or self-improvement goals are fully realized, not just through academic excellence at Metro, but also by forming relationships that are both personal and professional. The club exists to be of service to students by providing opportunities that balance these differing, but highly complementary aspects of college life.

Social Work Student Association
SWSA promotes equality, social justice, and empowerment. We are grounded on service to our communities, to populations at risk, and to anyone we come into contact with. We are a group of students who have a charge to leave our communities in better standing, better than they were when we entered them. The main goals for our association are to:

  • Empower students to make social change in the community
  • Promote social work values
  • Provide our students with material and resources to enhance their knowledge.

STEM Students Association
The STEM Students Association is an organization for students interested in sciences, technology (including computers), engineering, and mathematics.   We enrich the STEM education experience of our student body; we prepare students for careers and life after Metro State; and we work to instill a passion for STEM fields in younger generations and the general public. We are dedicated to the inspiration of lifelong learning, the pursuit of advanced knowledge, and the creation of a unified and service-driven STEM community at Metropolitan State University.

TRiO Student Union (TSU)
TRIO Student Union (TSU) mission is to help students with academic, social, professional and leadership development. We provide a supportive environment for all Metropolitan State University students by motivating them to achieve their professional and academic goals, also promote community and university involvement by collaborating with other organizations through service learning projects. TSU has excellent staff members and caring officers who are dedicated to student enrichment and success.

Twin Cities, Technical Communication, Technical Community (TC3)
TC3 is an organization run by technical communication students, and serves as a learning and networking community to promote the exchange of ideas at Metropolitan State University. We organize and host events that allow for professional development through quality presentations, panel discussions, workshops and networking. We aim to bridge the gap between students and the professional field by providing many resources as possible. All students, regardless of their degree or background, are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our events. 



Film Club
Metropolitan State University FILM CLUB promotes the advancement of fellow students within the local film community. We provide members with additional educational opportunities outside of the traditional curriculum. Such opportunities include: participation in film production from inception to completion, film screenings, lectures from other filmmakers, and networking opportunities. FILM CLUB offers students a variety of different experiences including, but not limited to: Writing, Directing, Acting, Editing, Producing, and Crewing.

Haute Dish Art & Literary Magazine (Haute Dish)
Published twice a year during the Fall and Spring semesters, Haute Dish is dedicated to showcasing the literary and artistic talent of the students of Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The Spring issue accepts submissions from currently enrolled students. The Fall issue accepts submissions from current students, staff, faculty and alumni. The deadline for Fall is April 15. Haute Dish accepts the following art forms: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Memoir, Personal Essay, Photography, Illustration, Digital Storytelling, Focus on Metro (photos of Metro State only). In addition to producing two magazines a year, Staff and Editorial Review Board members help with the planning and execution of an annual Spring Reading at the Open Book in Minneapolis, and an annual Fall Reading on the St Paul Campus.  To view the current issue and submission guidelines, visit

“The Metropolitan” Student Newspaper
“The Metropolitan” is the official, student-run newspaper for Metropolitan State University. Students who are interesting in newspaper operations and production, journalistic writing, and photojournalism should connect with “The Metropolitan” staff to learn about current and future opportunities to work with the paper. For information on how to get involved, email To browse “The Metropolitan” archives, visit:  at

Theater Underground
Theater Underground is committed to a certain populist idea as well as a high quality of production and a positive experience for students working within it. As participants, students cultivate performance, communication, writing, verbal, visual and sensory skills. Students who participate can try their hand on and offstage via lighting, sound, acting, writing, stage management, properties, costumes, advertising and design. Regardless of the specific area chosen, participants soon learn that working in the collaborative art of theater teaches important life skills, as participants are completely dependent upon one another in order to mount and run a production. We are also a place where students develop strong friendships; a place where they can come for the encouragement, challenge and development of their original or collective “voice”. Participation in Theater Underground is open to all Metro State students, regardless of their major or minor. We offer opportunities to supplement their college experience with theater, both as members of the audience and as participants in the artistic/craft process. For information on the theater program, contact Gail Smogard at 612-659-7156.

Writer's Think Tank
The Writer's Think Tank was created to promote writing by providing a neutral, encouraging environment for students. It is the goal of the group to provide a place for people to discuss, experiment, and share their writing, to enable them to attend related events that will further develop their craft, and to facilitate opportunities for students to engage with the larger Twin Cities writing community.



Advocacy, Political Leadership & Service Club (APLS Club)
The APLS Club is an organization that engages the campus and local community through civic engagement activities to build a network of conscious and informed leaders. APLS key objectives are: (1) to promote democracy with an emphasis on civic engagement activities; and (2) to serve and enrich the Metro State Community (student and geographic).

Family Resource Network for Student Parents (FRN)
The Family Resource Network is designed to foster students’ academic excellence while balancing parenting responsibilities and work. FRN strives to generate resources and information that will contribute to students’ abilities to successfully graduate, while achieving their personal and professional development goals, reinforcing family connections, and engagements within communities. FRN aims to recognize and meet the unique needs of student parents, to facilitate their retention, persistence, and graduation.

Metro State Veterans Network (MSVN)
MSVN offers an environment where veterans and non-veterans can meet, share information, and plan activities. The group is open to the entire college community: alumni, students, faculty and staff. Our organization is meant to better serve veterans who are returning to school after serving our country, and help non-veterans better understand why veterans are a different type of student. We are continuously looking for ways to improve the college experience for Veterans and military students at the university. There is still much work to be done in the advocacy of Veterans on campus.

NAMI On Campus - National Alliance on Mental Illness
NAMI on Campus clubs are student-led, student-run mental health organizations on college campuses. NAMI on Campus clubs:

  • Raise mental health awareness with fairs, walks and candlelit vigils.
  • Educate the campus with presentations, guest speakers and student panels.
  • Advocate for improved mental health services and policies on campus.
  • Support peers with signature NAMI programs and training from NAMI State Organizations and Affiliates.

As a member of a NAMI on Campus club, you will belong to the largest grassroots mental health organization in America. Club leaders have access to the staff, resources, opportunities and support that comes with being part of this national movement, including opportunities beyond your college years. Learn more at:

Project: Sexual Assault & Violence Education (Project SAVE)
Project SAVE’s purpose and initiatives are to train student leaders per fiscal year to raise awareness around the incidence, prevention, and risk factors of sexual violence. The peer educators will be trained to respond to incidents dealing with sexual assault and violence on campus. They will hold a series of programs to serve of discussions to raise awareness monthly as well as providing resource packets (online and print) that point to all on campus resources dealing with sexual assault and violence.

Transforming Health & Empowering Minds (T.H.E.M.)
The goal of Transforming Health & Empowering Minds is to promote health and wellness through a variety of services, resources, initiatives, and events. We advocate for health and wellness for all students here at Metro State University. T.H.E.M. hosts the Metro State Health Expo event in the fall and spring session. Throughout the year different speakers will be brought to speak about health/fitness.  We also organize various wellness and fitness programs and events on campus, such as yoga and meditation. 



The Adventure Club
The Adventure Club (previously known as The Walkabout Group) aims to provide Metro State students with educational opportunities related to outdoor exploration. We want to inspire students to take back what they have learned from the environment and create positive change within themselves and the surrounding community.

League of Legends E-sports
League of Legends E-sports is a small community of students who enjoy the League of Legends gaming system, which is one of the world’s most popular e-sports games. We bring students together to play and share gaming strategies to help each other improve our gaming levels.

Metro State Breaking Club
The Metro State Breaking Club is an introduction to the first dance form of Hip Hop called B-boying or B-girling. It is a creative way to take fundamental break dancing moves and express your identity through them. Break dance is also a very active dance providing good cardio, strength and mental training. Workshops from professional B-boys and B-girls who have traveled nationally will be scheduled for students to get an insight on how this dance can become a lifestyle. Club members will also be notified of competition events or jams to go out and witness the true break dance experience if interested.

Metro State Soccer Club
Metro State Soccer Club is a student organization for any Metro student who enjoys playing and watching the game of soccer. We play in scheduled leagues during mid-summer and early fall, and we host and co-host MN United FC games during the school year.


To learn more about the student organizations listed above, or to inquire about starting a new student organization, email