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Volunteer Opprotunities

Welcome to the Community Volunteering Page!  We'll post opportunities for you here!!

Why volunteer??  Volunteering provides many benefits!  It makes you feel good, keeps you in shape, and develops your social interaction skills.  Volunteering gives you a chance to give back to the community and truly make a difference!

On-Going Opportunities

Neighbors, Inc.

Since 1972, Neighbors, Inc. has assisted persons living in northern Dakota County live hopeful, independent, and self sufficient lives.  All donations remain in the neighborhood.

Volunteer Opportunities (On-Going)

  • Clothes Closet
  • Food Shelf
  • Front Desk
  • Daily Check-in
  • Dail-A-Ride

And More!

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As you are likely aware, invasive species are the second largest threat to native flora and fauna in the U.S., after habitat loss. Our most successful and cost effective defense against invaders is prevention, followed by Early Detection and Rapid Response.

We are looking for students or other folks who like hiking and have good observation skills to volunteer spring, summer and fall for an important citizen science program. Volunteers gain up-to-date knowledge of new invasive plant threats (early detection species) and experience in natural resource work. Information is added to a national database and enables on-the-ground control.

Volunteer commitment is a minimum of 14 hours per season, including training. Participants may monitor natural areas within Ramsey County. Here is a description and Facebook event link. The attached flier may be printed and distributed/posted at your discretion.

Introduction to the Invasive Plant Patrol; Thursday, March 20, 7:00 - 8:30 pm How can you prevent buckthorn-like takeovers of new invasive plants in Ramsey County? Join the Invasive Plant Patrol! FREE TRAINING provided. Volunteers commit to 14 hours over the season; hike on and off trails, mark GPS coordinates of invaders and report plants for removal. Your findings contribute to a national invasive species database.

Sign up for additional field training (Friday, April 11, 6:30 - 9 pm) at the end of the intro program. Let's stop new invasive plants in their tracks! Non-residents welcome to attend.

Pre-register by calling the nature at 651-249-2170, or by email;
Facebook Event Page

Thank you
Carole Gernes
Ramsey Conservation District Coordinator, Ramsey County Cooperative Weed Management Area
c/o Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District 2665
Noel Dr., Little Canada, MN 55117