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Application/Request to Join Student Senate 2017-2018 School Year

The term of office for Student Senators runs from June 1 to May 30 of the following year.

If you wish to become a student senator, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Senators must be degree candidates at Metropolitan State University and must have registered at least once in the last two academic semesters.
  • Senators must be officially admitted and cannot be on disciplinary or academic probation at the time of their election and during their term in office. (Any student who is placed on disciplinary or academic probation while in office shall forfeit his/her position.)
  • Senators and Student's United Committee Representatives at Metropolitan State University must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 as an academic requirement.

There are two ways to become a student senator.

1. Annual End-of-Year Elections:

  • Nominations for membership in the Student Senate will be solicited through campus media during the spring semester (March-April) of each academic year.
  • Elections will be completed by the second April meeting (Election may be held online, in person, by mail or any combination of the three options).

2. Filling Senate Vacancies

  • Senate Vacant Student Senate positions will be filled during the year by majority vote of the Senate.
  • A student who petitions the Student Senate for membership consideration shall be eligible upon completion of the following:
  •         i. Attendance at any two of the following during the current year: official Senate meeting, committee meeting or senate sponsored event, with at least one event being an official Senate meeting.
  •         ii. If the two events attended are both official Senate meetings the student under consideration for membership may be voted on at the end of the second meeting attended.
  •         iii. Endorsement by two current Senators, one of whom will act as a mentor.
  •         iv. Agreement with the terms and requirements of the organization.

 If you wish to become a student senator, please fill out this online form.

The senate and/or staff from Student Life and Leadership Development will contact you.

Thank you!


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