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This is the official Washington State University club for GEOLOGY! This group can be for anyone! Mineral/Rock collectors, students enrolled in 101 or 210 looking for some help, or the lot of us that have rocks for brains that have declared our love (and major) to be Geology and Earth Science. 

For up to date information on meetings and events, please follow us on facebook at

So send us a comment, question, or invitation to join. We'd love to have more members :)

Portal Information


This is the official page for the Washington State University Geology Club. Join us for mineral collecting trips, camping, hiking, commuity service and outreach, and more!

Meetings are held in the Geology Undergrad Lounge on the 4th floor of Webster. Turn right as you exit the elevator and continue all the way to the end of the hall.

Meeting times are TBA, look for posters in Webster orfind us on Facebook!

2018 Fall Officers:
President: Colin Hill
Officers needed, elections soon!



Physical Location

Webster Physical Sciences Building, Room 453

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Meeting Location

Webster 453

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WSU's Geology Club is all about getting people with a love of Geology together. Our goal is to have events that are fun, interesting, and that really get members thinking about the geology that surrounds them. By joining the club, members are given the opportunity to meet friends and form networking contacts with other undergrads, grad students, faculty, and industry professionals.

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Dues are $10 for one year, or $5 for one semester.


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Colin Hill



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Bailey Page








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Sean Long

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