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Organization Overview

Hello, this is Jee Paik, President of the MMA Club at UWB for 2013-2014. Thank you so much for your interest in joining our club! This club is in the process of reserving the facility as we did in the previous years. Please be patient and I will be following up with you soon! UWB MMA is a mixed martial arts club where UWB students can come and learn Mixed Martial Arts in a safe, local environment along with their peers. The coaches are top notch and really help you achieve your goals whether you have had some prior experience or this is your first time. Dont just watch UFC, actually do it.

Category Recreation and Leisure
Keywords UWB, MMA, club, Mixed, Martial, Arts, UFC, Ultimate, FIghting, Championship, fight
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Meeting Time

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Meeting Location

COGA MMA in Woodinville, WA

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Main Contact Name

Jeehoon Paik

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Jee Paik, President,
Waseem Sbait, Vice President,
George Stoyanov, Secretary,
Mark Iancu, Secretary,
Justin Han,Treasurer,

Advisor Name

KC Bui

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