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Students For Sustainable Water Club Meeting

Monday, Mar 9, 4 pm
Humanities 102

Regular weekly meeting discussing club business. 

This event does not require an RSVP.


Wednesday, Nov 5, 6 pm
VU 552

Are you curious about the bottled water free initiative? Wondering where your bottled water's gone?

Join Students for Sustainable Water as we showcase the documentary  "TAPPED", an excellent and informative film that exposes the truth behind bottled water industries. Snacks will be provided.

*the film will be shown in VU 552. The room number on the poster is an error.

Will you be attending?

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Jarred W Tyson updated the event Water Week: Tapped Film Showing

Jarred W Tyson updated the event Water Week: Water Bottle Bedazzle

Jarred W Tyson updated the event Water Week: SUPER INCREDIBLE BBQ!! AND KAYAKING!

Bedazzle Your Water Bottle!

Thursday, Feb 7, 11 am
Viking Union

Come get a free reusable water bottle (or bring your own!) and bedazzle it with Students for Sustainable Water! We're also promoting a showing of the documentary Tapped which will be next Wednesday (Feb 13th). Support our local water! Think Outside the Bottle!

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Water Quality Treatment Plant Tour

Thursday, Nov 15, 3:30 pm
Water Treatment Plant!

Come celebrate Gerald's birthday and get some knowledge on where our water comes from! Behind the scenes of your tap water. :D We'll probably carpool--stay tuned to emails!

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Tap Water Challenge!

Thursday, Nov 29, 11 am
Inside the VU

Test your tastebuds and get a cookie! Declare your voice against Nestle's terrible actions by signing a letter.

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Carolyn A Bowie commented on the event Bake Sale!!!

Bake Sale!!!

Friday, Oct 26, 11 am
Vendor's Row

Come to our bake sale to help us raise money for some sweet t-shirts! Contribute some cookies or some cashmoney, or just come and visit to contribute some love! 

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Sara Purington

It's actually going to be on Thrusday the 25th!

Carolyn A Bowie

I'm bringing pumpkin bread!

Caralyn L Smet replied to the discussion Bottled Water Fact Sheet

Bedazzle Your Bottle!!!

Thursday, Nov 8, 10 am
Viking Union

Get a free reusable water bottle and make it beautiful and pretty!

Stickers, glitter, fun, information about water!!!


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Bottled Water Fact Sheet

Bottled Water Fact Sheet (carolyn)

Reasons to ban all sales of bottled water on CSBSJU campus In Practice • Water is a fundamental human right that must not be turned into a for-profit commodity o Worldwide there is a need for investments in public water systems to ensure equal access to clean water. Bottled water undermines support for public water systems and helps pave the way for corporate control of local water resources. o At least...

Club Meeting!!

Tuesday, Dec 4, 5 pm
HU 101

Every week is a new and most wonderful adventure with Students for Sustainable Water!

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Sam C Bliss

It's actually at my place, 937 Otis St., @ 6 pm ish. And it's a potluck!

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Anna Amundson updated the event SSW club meeting

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