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Wednesday, Nov 18, 7 pm
Arntzen 100

Come out to Arntzen 100 on November 18th at 7pm for an eye-opening perspective on CLIMATE CHANGE! - "Cowspriacy May Be The Most Important Film Made to Inspire Saving The Planet"  There will be FREE FOOD for all patrons provided by the Co-Op! Presented by Students For Sustainable Food in partnership with Students for Sustainable Water and the Animal Rights Club. More details about the documentary below.  From  "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking...

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Sustainable Food Meeting!

Thursday, Apr 9, 5 pm
615 E Myrtle St.

Come to Tristan's house for potlucking and planning of the Earth Ride event on April 22nd!

This event does not require an RSVP.

Environmental Club Summit Meeting

Thursday, Nov 8, 7 pm
VU 565A

The AS Environmental Center Presents: Environmental Club Summit Meeting

"Anyone who is interested in discussing or becoming involved in environmental action on campus, please join us for an evening of pizza, inspiration and colaboration with other students in the Western community. Please bring your own mugs!!!"

For more information, contact Sarah McCarthy at 360-650-6129 or

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Kick-Off Meeting

Wednesday, Oct 3, 5 pm
Red Sqaure

We're working on creating a greater sense of community around food at Western so for our first meeting, we just want to hang out and get to know the new members and catch up with old! We'll share a bit about the group and learn what the collective interest seems to be! 

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Seasonal Shenanigans

Wednesday, Apr 4, 6 pm
Fairhaven Rm 318

First cooking course of the year! Learn about the seasonal bounty that is coming our way and some basic kitchen skills!

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Granola Warrior Party

Tuesday, Feb 21, 7 pm
Fairhaven Stack 5 Kitchen

Come get your granola on and learn how to make cheap and healthy breakfast! We bought goods from the Bulk Buying Club to demonstrate how to make affordable yums! 

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Shared Purpose Working Group

Sunday, Jan 29, 1 pm
VU 460

Help Collectively create a shared vision for this group. Includes mission statement, values, goals, purpose, and breaking in to committees!

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