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Welcome to Western Washington University's club for those who are very stoked on brains. Meetings every week! Alternation between general and journal club meetings. Email an officer for more information!

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We like to talk about brains.


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The WWU Neuroscience club is open to all students with an interest in neuroscience. We do not require that you are a Behavioral Neuroscience major, or have any prior experience or knowledge of the field. Our club is meant to be a place for your excitement and understanding of neuroscience to grow. We are an organization of students working together to further our understanding and involvement in the field of neuroscience. The WWU Neuroscience Club (Neuroscience Research Driven Students, NeRDS) provides a diverse group of individuals the opportunity to build connections to other Western students with similar interests and goals. Our biweekly Journal Club offers a place for students to practice reading scientific articles and developing healthy critiquing skills.

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