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Organization Overview

To provide students and young professionals unique opportunities that allow them to understand and integrate into the green building industry as active members, involved citizens and qualified employees.

Category Environmental
Keywords Green Building, Sustainable Design, Low Impact Development, Energy Efficiency, Architecture, Urban Design.
Statement of Purpose

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We are a university-based group of students, from any and all disciplines, that come together to learn about how our careers and lifestyles can transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated. USGBC Students - WWU is open to all WWU students and is a chartered and officially recognized student group of the US Green Building Council. We encourage environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous places that enhance and the quality of life for all species.

Activities and Events

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Events will be based in the greater Bellingham community exploring demonstrations on Green Building techniques and hands-on participation.

Organization Email (if applicable)
NAME: Coordinator/President/Director

(authorized to make space reservations)

Dominic Moceri

PHONE: Coordinator/President/Director

(360) 739-4371

EMAIL: Coordinator/President/Director
NAME: Asst. Coordinator/Vice Pres.

(authorized to make space reservations)

Inanna Reistad

EMAIL: Asst. Coordinator/Vice Pres.
NAME: Budget Authority/Treasurer

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(authorized to make space reservations & sign-off on expenditures)

Dominic Moceri

EMAIL: Budget Authority/Treasurer
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