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Organization Overview

We are the student center for service leadership and volunteerism here at Portland State University. We are most known for our Student Leaders for Service members, a group of 20 students that serve with community partners in Portland and work to connect the PSU community to volunteer opportunities. Additionally, we also facilitate monthly and annual days of service, plan several alternative break trips, and coordinate the Alder Elementary mentor program. If you're looking to volunteer, either to fulfill hours for a class, explore something you're passionate about, or just to meet people in a different setting, stop by our office or email us at

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Keywords service, community, leadership, volunteer, service-learning
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Membership Criteria

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PSU student can be involved with SLS in numerous ways; volunteering with us for monthly or annual events, seeking referrals, or becoming SLS members. SLS members are selected through an application and interview process. After applications are received, the candidate is interviewed by two current SLS members and the SLS program coordinator. Decisions are made by a consensus by the interview committee.

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