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Hello, welcome to the Loras Lyceum - Philosophy Club. 

Glad you've checked out our club!

The Lyceum provides students an opportunity to engage in critical thinking about philosophical issues and to explore many of life's great questions.  In today’s society, there is more need than ever to develop one’s mind and ability to reason.  Seriously, I mean, who likes a poor thinker? Complicated issues arise constantly in the form of ethical dilemmas about abortion, euthanasia, genetics, politics and education; and many ancient metaphysical questions remain debated on topics such as truth, existence, human nature, art and God. To be knowledgeable and conversant in these and other fields and issues is the hallmark of a well-educated person. Members of the philosophy club will have the opportunity to travel to philosophy conferences at regional universities. Each member may be asked to pay $20 per semester in dues to support the activities of the philosophy club, particularly travel expenses. Other activities for members include discussion groups, movie nights, and service learning, depending on interest. If you have any questions, please contact Joshua Stika, President.

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