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Mission: The mission of the UWB Tempest is to provide a means for students to have fun, stay active, and meet peers of similar interests. Ultimate Frisbee (referred commonly as just Ultimate) is a game of pure sportsmanship. It is all about fair play and helping others enjoy the game. Teams frequently participate in after-games/fun to get to know people from other teams in the community. This unity within the sport makes the game enjoyable for everyone, even in the most competitive situations. Membership: To become a member, just contact either David Lile or Kevin Clayton by requesting a join on husky-sync, email, or in person. Our team is open to everyone who is willing to learn and play the game. Teams consist of 4 men and 3 women on the field and typically have 2-3 male subs and 1-2 female subs. However there is no real limit is how many players we have on a team. We can eventually divide into multiple teams once we have people committed to coming regularly. Goals: 1. Recruit enough members for a full team. 2. Have regular well-attended pick-up games for people to casually participate. 3. Begin participating in community league with an established team. 4. Divide into multiple teams and begin participating in intramural sports when the sports field is finished. What You Want Students to Learn: 1. Ultimate separates itself from other sports by how it emphasizes sportsmanship in players. This quality would be the most important for students to learn and could hopefully carry into other sports they participate in as well. 2. They will learn how to have fun while being out of breath, cold, and soaked to the bone. Ultimate would not be Ultimate if we let the weather stop it. 3. Also students should be able to improve their physical fitness because Ultimate is a very active sport. 4. We want everyone to get better and improve their game! Meetings: Right now our only meetings are pick-up games with Cascadia on the field behind the UWB Library 1pm Thursdays. Eventually we will begin to participate in the adult league, Disc NW, and games would be at various times on Saturdays on fields in Marymore Park, Sand Point, and Shoreline fields.

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Keywords Ultimate Frisbee, Co-Ed, intramural sports, Ultimate
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UW Bothell Sports Field

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David Lile

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Kevin Clayton, Co-Captain,
Dexter Chan, Co-Captain,
Andrea Fisher, Co-Captain,
Uday Shah, Co-Captain,
Lance Fernandez, Director of Marketing and Publicity,

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Betsy Brown

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