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Edward L McCutcheon
Sep 16, 2013

Wesley Fellowship Small Groups

Sep 16, 2013 by Edward L McCutcheon

Wesley Small Groups

  • Each year we offer the opportunity for folks to join a Small Group.  This is a time to gather in smaller, more personal, groups to check in with one another and share what going on in your lives.  Sometimes it is difficult to share in the larger group on Tuesday, or the very relaxed environment of Thursday lunch – so hopefully this will be a time of growth in your relationship with others in Wesley and in your faith!
  • The groups will meet on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday [depending on the interest of each night].  You will be in a group that meets only ONE of these nights, but we offer multiple nights so that ONE of them may fit with your schedule.   
  • If you are interested in being in a Small Group – send me your name, year at FU, email address, cell number, and which night [or nights] will work with your schedule [if multiple nights will work for you, send them along, and we’ll put you in one of those groups]. 

For freshmen – our Freshmen Group will only meet until the end of September.  So this is a great way to continue that fellowship with others in Wesley.