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Self Defense Seminar

Wednesday, Dec 10, 8 pm
Brown Room in Adler

This is a fundraiser for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Club

As the name says this seminar will teach you the best defending techniques during dangerous situations

You will be coached by our martial art expert, Mr. Kattouf

Cost: $3 with Penn State ID, $5 with no Penn State ID

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Twister Tournament

Wednesday, Apr 16, 7:30 pm
PondView Slep

Twister Tournament event

Will be monitored by four club memebers

Food and entertainment will be provided

Cost to enter: 4$

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Twister Tournament Advertising

Tuesday, Apr 15, 12 pm
Hawthorne Building

Advertising for a Twister Tournament

Days will be staggered as follows:

Hawthorne on Mondays (12-1)

Slep on Wednesdays (3-4)

Port Sky on Fridays (5-6)

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