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Daniele Moro
Apr 9, 2018

IEEE BSU Guest Speaker: Director of MOVE Project, Mary Ellen Randall

Apr 9, 2018 by Daniele Moro

Hello all,

This week we have a special remote guest speaker who will talk about a powerful community outreach initiative: the MOVE project.

Guest Speaker: Mary Ellen Randall on the IEEE-USA MOVE Community Outreach Initiative

Program Director of the MOVE Community Outreach Initiative, Mary Ellen Randall, will be talking about the MOVE Mobile Outreach VEhicle for Disaster Relief and STEM Education this week as part of a remote conference. You will learn about the complex technology and meaningful work involved in this project, and you will able to directly talk with the woman who keeps this all running!

"[The MOVE inititative] is an emergency relief program committed to assisting victims of natural disasters with short-term communications, computer, and power solutions. These temporary emergency relief provisions help those affected stay connected and make sure they can access the help they need." (

When Where
Thursday, April 12th at 4:45pm Micron Engineering Center ROOM 309 (different room)

Live long and prosper,

Daniele Moro