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Constitution of the Model United Nations Organization of Boston College

Article I


The name of the Registered Student Organization (RSO) incorporated in this document shall be the Model United Nations Organization of Boston College, hereafter referred to as BCMUN.
BCMUN claims exclusive rights to its name, the BCMUN acronym, and its logo

Article II


BCMUN shall remain an autonomous organization in order to preserve the rights, ideals, and procedures expressed in this constitution.
At no point in time should the organization’s autonomy be sacrificed.
Affiliations with other organizations are permitted given that the act of affiliation does not in any way obstruct the ideals, rights, and procedures defined herein.
Affiliations with other organizations shall be determined by the Executive Board of BCMUN.

Article III


The purpose of this organization shall be:

To provide the Boston College community with the opportunity to attend Model UN Conferences on the Model UN Conference Circuit,
To provide BCMUN Members (See Article IV) the opportunity to interact with individuals from a variety of foreign nations and cultures,
To foster an understanding of the intricacies of international negotiations by teaching members about the systems and methods employed by the United Nations and its affiliates and by encouraging active participation by BCMUN delegates,
To promote international relations and encourage academic study in the field,
And to distinguish Boston College as an institution concerned with educating the international community on diplomacy, international affairs, the United Nations, and similar international bodies.

The preceding statements of this article shall not be considered an exhaustive description of the organization’s purpose, nor shall they deny any reasonable expansion of its mandate in the future.


Article IV


Any qualified member of the Boston College community may participate as a member of BCMUN with the consent of the Executive Board of BCMUN, and shall be accorded full membership defined as follows:

Registration with the Student Programs Office online portal,
In the event that the university administration removes the online portal, the Executive Board shall utilize a comparable media tool to accept and document membership,
In the event that administrative changes at the university level lead to the dissolution or renaming of the Student Programs Office, the Executive Board shall uphold this clause in its interaction with the new or renamed office.

The rights of BCMUN members include, but are not limited to:

Retention of all privileges of membership when taking part in a study abroad program,
The use of exactly one (1) vote in all matters put to question for general membership,
The ability to apply for conference positions.

An active member of BCMUN is defined as:

Someone who is registered with the Student Programs Office or specially noted by the Executive Board (in the case of alumni participants),
Someone who has taken part in at least one conference within the academic year, has actively participated in BCMUN meetings, and/or is specially noted by the BCMUN Executive Board
Non-Discriminatory Clause: There shall be no discrimination against any individual due to their race, ethnic or national origin, religion, color, age, gender, marital or parental status, veteran status, disabilities, or sexual orientation.


Article V

The Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be the governing body of BCMUN.
The Executive Board shall be comprise of the following offices, each occupied by exactly one person:

Vice President
Secretary of Delegations 
Secretary of Finance
Secretary General (at discretion of the President)
Secretary of Outreach
Secretary of Programming

The President shall:

Act as the general representative of BCMUN to the Boston College community and administration,
Have regular contact with the Student Programs Office, SABSC, and SOFC,
Attend informational meetings sponsored by the SPO, including Club Officers Orientation,
Preside over General meetings,
Appoint the Vice President from the elected Secretaries (and determine whether or not to recognize a Secretary General),
Set the organization’s agenda
Retain sole rights to remove members who do not hold office on the Executive Board
Ensure that BCMUN meets all university administrative requirements
Submit to the incoming Executive Board a report on the state of the club and his or her recommendations for the future,
Possess a Veto over decisions arrived at by the Executive Board
And possess finality in all questions not addressed in this constitution.

The Vice President shall:

Be elected by the General Membership,
Act as a liaison between the Executive Board and the BCMUN general membership
Assume the duties and take on the rights of the President should the President be indisposed or unable to fulfill them
Act as the executive party in all special programs, policies, and initiatives if noted by the President.

The Secretary of Finance shall:

Serve as the Treasurer for BCMUN for administrative purposes with Boston College
Manage and maintain all records and balance all financial transactions
Determine the financial goals and associations of BCMUN with the expressed approval of the Executive Board
Prepare SOFC Budge Proposals and meet all obligations set forth by the SABSC, SOFC, and SPO
Commit the club to financial expansion and progress as determined by the Executive Board
Publish a report on the financial state of the club at the beginning of each semester and close of the school year.

The Secretary of Programming shall:

Determine Strategic Planning and General Strategy for the club and its programs/affiliations,
Coordinate and determine special initiatives, meetings, and other programs within BCMUN and with other programs/affiliates,
Publish the state of the club in coordination with the President of BCMUN.

The Secretary of Delegations shall:

Direct BCMUN Delegations in order to achieve the highest level of Delegation performance at Model UN Conferences,
Coordinate meetings and programs designed to improve BCMUN delegate achievement,
Maintain general geopolitical and cultural awareness within BCMUN membership
Publish a strategy for delegate improvement at the beginning of each semester and close of the school year.

The Secretary of Outreach shall:

Expand campus awareness of BCMUN and BCMUN programs/affiliations,
Devise programs and initiatives intended to expand BCMUN Membership
Represent BCMUN and the Executive Board in all affairs regarding publicity,
Publish a distinct strategy for outreach and communications at the beginning of each semester and close of the school year.

Secretary General/Ad Hoc Member

The Secretary General or other designated Ad Hoc member shall be recognized by the BCMUN Executive Board by the nomination of the President and confirmation of more than half (1/2) of the existing Executive Board.

All Executive Board members shall maintain the right to form committees relevant to their purpose and/or special initiatives as approved by the President of BCMUN.
A member of the Executive Board is subject to impeachment only in the event that he or she fails to meet an aspect of his or her role as described in this constitution.

A member of the Executive Board may be impeached by the following procedure:

Upon the initiation of impeachment proceedings, the Executive Board shall arrange to meet within two weeks. Should the accused member in question be unwilling to meet, he or she will be automatically removed from office.
In a closed session, the Executive Board will deliberate the question of impeachment by a secret ballot by plurality to be monitored by the President or Vice President (if impeachment conflicts with the office):        

Upon close of deliberations, the Executive Board will vote as follows

Removal from Office
Formal Reprimand
No Response

Should a decision of “Formal Reprimand” be reached, the non-accused members of the Executive Board will author a one-page letter on the matter, which will be sent to the accused member and the general membership,
Should a decision of “Removal from Office” be reached, the remaining members of the Executive Board will select a new member to fill the vacant position.

All questions involving rights and privileges not enumerated in these prior clauses shall be determined by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Should the Executive Board be unable to reach a decision on the matter, it shall be decided by the President.

Article VI


Executive Board elections shall be held annually in the second half of the month of April, with the specific date to be determined by the President of BCMUN.
Elections results come into effect upon the undergraduate graduation day of that year.
The date, time, and location of general membership will be announced to general club membership with at least two week’s notice.
There shall be no required quorum for the elections.
There shall be no proxy votes permitted.
Nominations for the Executive Board must be received at least one week prior to elections as such:

Nominations for the Presidency are subject to review and acceptance by the Executive Board
Nominations for other offices will be automatically accepted

Elections will be carried out by a secret ballot to be monitored by the Executive Board.
The candidates will have five (5) minutes to speak to their candidacy for office prior to voting for each respective position, followed by a question and answer period.
Elections will proceed on a position-by-position basis, with the order of elections being:

Secretary of Programming
Secretary of Delegations
Secretary of Finance
Secretary of Outreach

The President-elect will nominate an elected Executive Board member to be the Vice President of BCMUN, which will be confirmed or denied by the outgoing Executive Board by a plurality vote.
The President will appoint the Secretary General or any Ad Hoc Executive positions (active for one (1) year).

Article VII

Compensation and Liability

No member of this organization will be paid for services rendered but may seek reimbursement for expenses related to activities and conferences sponsored by the organization. Such funds will be distributed in the manner deemed appropriate by the President and by the Boston College administration.


No member of BCMUN will be personally held liable for any action properly performed in his or her role as a member of this organization.

Article VIII


Amendments to this constitution may be made by a 2/3rds majority of the Executive Board or a 3/4ths majority of the General Membership of BCMUN, and can be authored by any active member of BCMUN.
Any change to the original constitution or bylaws must be approved by the SPO before being considered active.


Article IX

Club Advisor

In accordance with university regulations, BCMUN shall at all times maintain a Club Advisor.
The Club Advisor shall be briefed at least once annually on the state of the organization.


Article X


This constitution will be automatically ratified upon acceptance by those administrative officials proscribed by university policy.

Upon ratification, all former constitutions shall be considered null and void.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Christopher Fitzpatrick ‘13

President, Model United Nations of Boston College 

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