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Organization Overview

The UCSB College Republicans mission is to recruit, inform, train and empower every existing and potential College Republican at UCSB. College campuses today are ideological battlegrounds for the future of America due to the liberal dominion over college faculty, curriculum and administration. We work for the future of the Republican Party and its conservative principles of limited government, opportunity and freedom. We are here to influence the future now. We meet on Tuesdays at 8pm in the UCen Mission Room for the Fall 2013 quarter. Contact us! Email: Twitter: @UCSBCR Facebook: UCSB College Republicans

Website https://www.ucsbrepublicans.wix....
Category Political
Keywords Republican, Conservative, Activism, Politics, Veteran, Free Market, Economics, Libertarian, Freedom, Liberty, Debate, Israel, Patriotism, Election, Networking, Voting, Vote
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Meeting Time

8:00 PM

Meeting Location

UCen Mission Room

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Alice Gilbert

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Officer #2 Name

Austin Yack

Officer #2 Title

Vice President

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Kevin Ahnert

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Officer #4 Name

Danielle Burbank

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Dan Montello

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