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Welcome to the Fahrenheit 2150 Club!

We currently meet on Monday and Wednesdays during Foundry class at 4:30-7:15 pm. It is recommended that if you are not enrolled in Foundry but are interested in the club, you come at around 5:30 pm to view a metal pour or to talk about your own projects and involvement in the club. 

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Since 1997, Fahrenheit 2150 annually hosted the ASU Desert Iron Symposium. Every fall and spring, club members collaborate with other southwest regional college students, local industry and the community to pour thousands of pounds of molten iron from a ten-foot-tall continuously flowing cupola into over a hundred handmade sculptural molds.
Additionally, as one of the nation’s largest university foundry programs, it should be the goal of ASU and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts to have the intercollegiate of the Desert Iron Symposium. The immediate benefit is the recruitment of talented undergraduate and graduate students furthering ASU’s standing in the educational and artistic community.
Past Desert Iron Symposium Statistics:
• 18 registered ASU sculpture student members
• 10 southwest regional college students
• 13 local area industry participants
• 50 community participants
• 1 guest artist
• Over 100 spectators

Fahrenheit 2150’s efforts to generate funding:
• Donations from local area businesses and foundries (i.e. Intel, Arizona Bronze, Arizona Castings, ASM International, Ball Consulting, Camelback Plumbing, M-E Elecmetal, Porter Warner Industries, Refrac Systems, Refractory Insulation and Supply)
• Symposium registration fees
• T-shirt sales
• Scratch mold sales
Fahrenheit 2150’s services to students:
• Technological support from the American Foundry Society
• Exhibitions
• Demonstrations
• Foundry skills
• Foundry safety at metal pours
The attached itemized budget for the 2017 Desert Iron Symposium details the necessary safety equipment and materials needed to facilitate this year’s collaborative regional event. Safety gear such as hard hats, Kevlar gloves and protective leather clothing are required to ensure the safety of all participants in this event. It is essential that Fahrenheit 2150 have a full supply of up-to-date and undamaged safety wear to protect the students involved from injury. In addition, the mold-making materials of Prime Coat slurry, silica sand, resin, catalysts, flowcast refractory, scrap iron, ladles and propane. These are all fundamental in the casting process. In addition, our stock of coke, the fuel for melting iron in a cupola furnace has finally depleted and is desperately in need of restocking. Our coke supply is equally essential to our ability to melt iron for the Symposium this year. Without these materials, the Desert Iron Symposium could not take place.
Finally, Fahrenheit 2150 takes great pride in the continued integrity of the Desert Iron Symposium. Inviting guest artists to the event serves to educate art students in newer mold-making and casting techniques from around the country. Guest artists also enhance local awareness in Fahrenheit 2150 as well as the entire ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.
Fahrenheit 2150 Foundry Club is professionally affiliated with the Foundry Educational Foundation, the accrediting and educational arm of the American Foundry Society . The club sponsors annual events and guest artist workshops open to students, alumni, the foundry community, and the public.
This year, the Fahrenheit 2150 club and the ASU Sculpture Department invite you to attend the 2017 Art Casting Conference on March 30-April 1, 2017. Come see the spectacle of scrap iron being recycled into art using a traditional cupola furnace.



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