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Bill Santiago

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Friday, Jan 24, 2014
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST
CSC ComancheMap Location

BILL SANTIAGO is the first born of at least four children. He became a standup after narrowly escaping a career in journalism, facing the fact that as a comedian he was funny, but as a reporter he was a joke.

More often than not, people say nice things about his act. "Santiago proved political satire is alive in America," noted a San Francisco Chronicle theater critic. 

As far as television, he was a big hit on Comedy Central's Premium Blend. Santiago has entered the world of solo performance, currently developing and touring his show, "Spanglish 101." Admittedly, he used some of the grant money to buy a pair of shoes he wanted very much. They were on sale, though.

For the record, he did go to college, studying film at NYU, then realizing he preferred to call them movies. It was much earlier on in grade-school, however, that he first showed signs of a budding comedian, stumping his teachers with questions like, "Why isn't phonetic spelled with an 'F'?"

Today he charms audiences across the country with his quick, cogent style, and it doesn't hurt to be beautiful.

When not on stage, he enjoys curling up with a good book or a well-read woman.

Performance will be CSC Comanche Suite at 8pm