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Office of Student Engagement (OSE) staff are dedicated to helping all students find community and foster their passions while developing leadership and life skills.

  • We support all recognized student organizations, advise ASSU and the sophomore and junior class council, and offer leadership development and training.
  • We help individual students connect with student organizations and other activities outside the classroom.  
  • We work to cultivate a student community that values inclusivity, equity, respect, collaboration, and balance.

Portal Information


Our purpose is to help students find community and foster their passions while developing leadership and life skills.

Our values are: Inclusivity. Equity. Collaboration. Respect. Balance.


University Departments

Most Current Organization Constitution

Please upload the most current version of your group's constitution as a .doc or .docx

You must have a constitution on file in order for your reregistration to be approved.

Organization's Facebook Page
Organization's Instagram Handle

Leave as N/A if you don't have one


President's Name

This person will be the primary contact for the University and external entities

Ankita Rakhe

President's Email Address

Please do not use email aliases or non-Stanford accounts

VP/Co-President's Name

This person will be the secondary contact for the University

Alexandra Moreno

Financial Officer's Name

This person is given access to request and process funds in GrantED.

Parsa Nowruzi

Membership Classification

What percentage of the students in your organization are undergraduate v. graduate?

70% or more grad = GRAD

Usual Meeting Day

When does the the organization typically meet?


Usual Meeting Location & Time

Where and when can people find you? This is publicly viewable.


Which of the following is a department affiliation of your organization?

An affiliated department provides your organization with resources, support, and/or space.

  • Asian American Activities Center
  • Athletics/PE/Recreation
  • Bechtel International Center
  • Black Community Services Center
  • Graduate School of Business (GSB)
  • El Centro Chicano y Latino
  • Haas Center for Public Service
  • Queer Resources Center
  • Law School
  • Medical School
  • Native American Cultural Center
  • Vaden Health Center
  • Women's Community Center
  • Other (Academic Department)
  • Other (Non-Academic Department)
  • Office for Religious Life
  • Markaz Resource Center