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Organization Overview

We are an organization which takes the ideas and opinions of the students involved and provides oppurtunities in fields that line-up with those ideas, which can include professional talks, field-related projects, and other benefical activities.

Category Academic
Keywords computer, acm, windows, linux, mac, osx, java, c++, software engineering, development, coding, programming, security
Organization Status


Meeting Day

Second Wednesday of every month

Meeting Time

1:00 PM

Meeting Location

Embeded Systems/Security Lab

Constitution Upload

File Upload (8MB max) Required for all Student Organizations


Main Contact Name

John Paul Quicksall, President

Additional Contacts:

Please list additional officers, name, title, email

(RSO are required to provide 5 officers,must be current UWB students.)

Karen Potts, Secretary & Director of Outreach and Events
Joseph Hoff, Treasurer & Webmaster,
James Timmerman, Vice-Presidnet,
Brendan Sweeney, Cyber-security Student Rep.,

Advisor Name

Carol Zander

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